how to use the prince in clash royale

When using the Prince, you have to consider his weaknesses and the strengths of your other units to get the best results. It is a good idea to pair him with a splash unit. A good splash unit will be able to cover the weaknesses of your Prince and make you harder to kill. However, you must be careful about how you play this combo because there are cards that will neutralize it, like Sparky. You can also use the Prince to cover the weak spots of your opponent’s towers and pushes.


Dark Prince

The Dark Prince is a powerful troop card in Clash Royale. He can beat any card in the game that costs around 5 Elixir or less. In addition to being an excellent general troop, Dark Prince has a number of important properties, which can be used to your advantage. Keep in mind that if you play this card, you’ll need a bigger squad and plenty of hit points. Another great property of Dark Prince is that it can intercept magic and shields.

The Dark Prince is a melee troop with moderate hit points and moderate damage. He also has a shield and a speed boost. His charge attack deals twice as much damage as his normal attacks. He is also able to reclaim his speed bonus by moving. While you may think he’s just another melee troop, it actually has a unique ability that is not present on any other troop. His special attack deals twice the damage to archer turrets.


The Dark Prince is the best defense card in your deck. You should place him in the middle of your troops, and place a valkyrie or skeleton army around him. You can also place a baby dragon to splash damage on your opponents’ troops. Lastly, the skeleton army is a great defensive building and can be used as an offense if you want.


The Executioner is a ranged attack that can deal a ton of damage. This attack is most effective when launched from the front or back. When used in ranged attack, this unit is especially good at killing barbarians and small letters. This unit is also useful in countering air attacks.

The Executioner is one of the strongest cards in Clash Royale. Using it effectively requires that you have a tanky unit that can deal with the damage. Fortunately, the Executioner has a high hitpoint cap, which makes him a safe bet if you have a swarm army. This unit also deals high amounts of damage per second.

The Executioner’s axe is a very powerful attack that can wipe out death spawn quickly. This unit is also a great complement to the Tornado because it can group enemy troops. This unit is also good at shredding small letters.


Prince Valkyrie is an incredibly powerful tank in Clash Royale, but it has a few weaknesses that you must be aware of when using her. Here are some of them: Prince Valkyrie is a low-elixir tank, but she’s also a high-damage sponge. As a result, she takes a long time to go down. That means that Valkyrie is a great unit to put behind troops that have low elixir value, like Royal Ghosts, Musketeers, and Firethrowers.

Unlike other tanks, the Prince only deals damage to ground units, which makes him an excellent choice for destroying towers. While he does this damage at a slow rate, he’s incredibly versatile. He can be sent to the front, but his best use is when accompanied by a tank.

Another great use for Prince Valkyrie is a combo with Dragons and Ranged Troops. These combos deal massive damage and can help your Prince stay alive, but beware of the high cost.


Using the Prince is an effective way to deal massive damage in the Clash Royale game mode. His charge spell will damage the surrounding units and will allow him to deal massive damage on the enemy. His attacks are also powerful and will allow him to take down several towers in a short period of time.

The Prince’s most effective use is counterattacking. His increased speed and damage makes him an effective counterattack troop. You can use him to threaten enemy Crown Towers and punish your opponent for investing Elixirs. A player can pair him with a high-hitpoint troop, such as a Giant, to inflict massive damage. However, it is not always advisable to use this troop in a single-lane game.

Another strategy is pairing the Prince with an Executioner. Both these troops are medium-priced and have a good amount of health. You can use both to take out mini tanks and swarms.