which disney prince are you

The Disney princes are fun and charismatic. So, people are curious to know which one they are. You can find out by taking this quiz. The quiz will tell you the kind of personality you are. Take the quiz and discover which Disney prince you are! This quiz can be fun and revealing.


Quiz topic: Character traits of a disney prince

Every Disney prince has a story. Some have great strength of character and are able to save the day. Others have a strong sense of duty. Whichever kind of Disney prince you are, you can take this quiz to learn more about your personality. It’s fun to be like your favorite Disney characters, but not all princes are alike.

Disney characters are usually the only children. This makes them easier for the animators to draw. However, it can make them less useful in the plot. This can lead to less interest for viewers. Therefore, it is important to pick a character with siblings. This way, you can enjoy the movies even more.


Disney princes must be morally virtuous and well-groomed. They must also be compassionate, caring, and kind. In addition, they must be brave and leave their comfort zone to find their princess. They should also follow their passion. They have to make a difference in their world.

The Disney characters have different personality traits. Take this quiz to find out whether you are like one of these characters. It’s fun to see if you share any of the same traits as one of your favorite characters. There are 6 questions on the quiz. Each one has a different character trait and answers to each one will tell you what kind of character you are.

Character flaws of a disney prince

Disney’s movies have created classic ‘princess-prince’ tales and shaped pop culture. But the princes in these stories aren’t always so sweet and lovely. In fact, some of them are incredibly creepy and even evil. They’re the types of guys that stalk every girl in their kingdom and kiss them without their permission.

One example of this is Prince Adam, better known as Beast. His horns are dark and his fur is brown and has sharp teeth. Unlike his human counterpart, he has an enormous appetite and a love interest. Adam is an extremely handsome young man with long auburn hair, but he has a big problem. He was cursed by a witch because of his selfishness. The only way to break his curse was to fall in love before his last petal fell.

Another Disney prince with flaws is Hans. This character has some of the worst flaws of any Disney prince. His immaturity makes him an easy target for villains. He is often portrayed as immature, despite his good intentions. He also forgets to show love to his lady. He knocks on doors and asks random girls to try on his shoes, and he often forgets to look his lady in the eye.

Another common Disney prince flaw is his arrogance. He doesn’t know how to deal with danger. He believes he’s a man, and expects Belle to love him. While this is not a fatal flaw, it can be a character flaw.

Fortunately, unlike Gaston, Prince Charming doesn’t show the same sort of apprehension. He doesn’t judge people based on their position or appearance. He focuses on their character, and doesn’t notice if women gushed over him. But the prince also supports Cinderella’s wishes to end peasant discrimination. He even invites peasants to his royal banquet.

Attributes of a disney prince

In the Disney princess movies, princes have traditionally shown stereotypical masculine characteristics. They are aggressive, goal-oriented, and powerful. In the first Disney princess film, Snow White, the prince has a relatively small presence but he has many attributes that make him a male. In the movie, he pursues Snow White after she rejects him, and is determined to save her with a kiss.

The original Disney films focused on the romance between a princess and a prince. While Disney is no longer focused on this type of romance, princes still have a significant role to play in the films. Currently, there are eleven official Disney princes. Not all of them are royalty, but they must embody the qualities of a prince.

A typical Disney prince has a set routine. For example, Eric is a skilled mariner who is often on a ship in his own fleet. He is also a romantic, but it isn’t always easy to tell the difference. His first Disney prince, Phillip, was named after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

In the 1959 animated Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip falls in love with Princess Aurora without knowing that she is a princess. His outspoken nature sets him apart from other princes in the early Disney films. Phillip was originally intended to have a larger storyline, as the first Disney prince to be given a formal first name.

There are also unofficial Disney princes. Arthur, the lead character in The Sword in the Stone, is a Disney prince because he possesses those qualities. He is also the hero of the Disney empire. He has many admirers and is the most famous character ever created. Other characters include Mowgli, the hero of ‘The Jungle Book’, who is a symbol of trust and courage, and Mufasa, the guide to Simba. He shows great maturity and courage, and is one of the most popular characters of the Disney movies.

Another official Disney prince is Prince Eric, who is a young bachelor who travels the sea in his own ship. He has black hair and dazzling blue eyes. During a storm, he falls into the water, but Ariel saves him. They become lovers, and eventually have a daughter named Melody.

Character traits of a disney princess

If you are a Disney princess fan, you may be curious about their personality traits. Princesses are typically beautiful and live by a set code of morality. Despite being beautiful, these characters aren’t conceited about their beauty. Some of the Disney princesses with the most beauty are Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella. However, the most recent Disney princesses tend to have more brains than beauty.

Other popular princesses don’t live up to the traditional definition of a Disney princess. Princesses who have been recognized as such must be human, marry royalty, and perform a notable deed in a film. Many Disney princesses have been officially recognized, including Cinderella, Mulan, and Moana. Other iconic characters may not make it to the list, however. For instance, Dot was not named an official Disney princess because she wasn’t born a princess.

Unlike other Disney princesses, Tiana is more world-weary. Her blunt nature sometimes irritates others. In “The Little Mermaid,” her main act of kindness was saving Prince Eric from drowning. The princesses in the TV series also showed compassion towards everyone, despite being very different from Snow White.

Another Disney Princess with unusual personality traits is Elsa. Although she is a regal and sassy character, she suppresses her powers for the sake of her subjects and family. She has a tall and slender figure, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She also has freckles, which she shares with her sister Anna. Elsa also has an unusual ability to unleash deadly ice storms.

Another Disney Princess with a strong independent streak is Mulan. She was the youngest in her family before joining the army, so she was often the target of jokes. She also disguised herself as a man to fight in the army and was bullied by other soldiers. This demonstrates her independent spirit and makes her one of the most memorable Disney Princesses.

Other Disney princesses with strong independent personalities are Meg Ryan and Tiana. In terms of personality type, this Disney princess is an ISTP (Introverted Strong-Willing). She is a good communicator and puts others before herself. She is also loyal and loves to help others.