how to use grease elden ring

The Elden Ring game contains a consumable item called Fire Grease. You can acquire it through quests within the game. Many players wonder how to use it. Fortunately, there are many different ways to use it. Here are a few examples. You can use it to heal yourself or to enhance the damage of your spells.


Dragonwound Grease

Dragonwound Grease is a type of anti-dragon grease that coats weapons and armaments to prevent dragon attacks. It is available in varying amounts throughout the Elden Ring and grants a variety of bonuses depending on the type you use. This is a great way to avoid dragon attacks and to improve your gear.

This substance can be found in a variety of locations, including your inventory. It grants different effects and can be used on weapons for buffs and damage increases. Luckily, you can also find several different kinds of Elden Ring Grease. Listed below are a few different types of Grease.


Dragonwound Grease can be crafted by gathering the necessary ingredients. One of the ingredients is Gravel Stones, which are found in “lands beset by ancient dragons” or near sentinel archers. The good thing about these items is that they respawn often, so you can farm them easily.

Magic Grease

Magic Grease is a consumable item found in the Elden Ring. It’s used to add magical effects to melee weapons. There are a number of different locations you can collect Magic Grease. You can also craft it yourself with a crafting recipe. You should make sure to hold on to your Magic Grease.

There are 11 different kinds of Grease. Each type has a different effect. Some are faster and last longer than others. Use Grease only on weapons you regularly use, and do not apply it to Special Weapons. If you’re using a regular weapon, save Grease for tougher boss fights.

The Grease can be crafted with different ingredients. You can also create a unique grease to apply to your weapons. This grease gives your weapons additional magic damage and increases their damage. However, it’s a temporary effect.

Rot Grease

Adding Grease to your weapon is a great way to increase damage in the Elden Ring. You can loot Grease or craft it using a cookbook. While Grease lasts only for a short time, it can deal significant damage to your enemies and bosses. However, you must make sure to use the appropriate Grease for your weapon.

Rot Grease is a solidified grease that can be applied to your armament to grant it a short burst of scarlet rot. You can craft it using the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 22. The materials you need for crafting it can be found in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, just down the path from the Site of Grace.

Crafting items is not difficult, but you will need to have a Cracked Pot and some of the ingredients needed. Most of the early game items require flora and fauna, so make sure you look around for these. You should also search in dungeons for unique ingredients.

Other types of grease

The Elden Ring comes with thousands of consumable items, including Grease. Grease can be applied to your weapon to give it different buffs. Some types of grease are more effective than others, though. Grease can be found in various locations, including in the inventory.

There are eleven types of grease, and each has a different purpose. Some types apply grease faster than others, and others last longer. Grease can be used to make regular weapons and to make them more effective against harder enemies. Each one applies differently and lasts for different amounts of time, so it’s important to save your most effective one for tough boss fights.

Greases can also be used to deal damage to enemies. While the Elden Ring comes with powerful magic attacks and melee weapons, the opponents are no pushovers. Using Grease can help you deal damage to your enemies and heal your HP.