How to get to arch glacor is pretty straightforward. You just need to use auto, Wrack, Concentrated Blast, Impact, and Asphyxiate. Asphyxiate is a great choice to use during this stage because it deals damage in multiple hits. Combust is a good choice to use during this fight as well, since it deals multiple hits to the Arch glacor at once. While you’re attacking, you can also use Freedom to dodge the glacor’s icicle attacks. The Arch-Glacor is a massive creature, towering over even the tallest of humans. It is said that this creature leads the glacors into battle, and it is certainly a fearsome sight to behold. The Arch-Glacor is covered in thick fur, and its body is encased in a layer of ice. It has sharp claws and teeth, and its eyes gleam with a pang of predatory hunger. This creature is powerfully built, and it is sent by Wen toward Elder God Wars Dungeon.

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Getting to Arch Glacor on Runescape

Unlike other bosses in Rune Scape, the Arch Glacor is a tough opponent; you cannot just kill him with one hit. You need preparation before entering into battle against this powerful boss character because he has high Defense levels which will make it hard for your attacks to do any damage.


You’ll need some basic knowledge about Runescape combat to do well in these caverns. To get to arch glacor, you’ll need to know what kind of damage that can kill Arch glacor, how to make certain attacks more effective, and how to keep yourself alive during battle. While you may not always want to use every mechanic available, you should have a general idea of which ones are best suited to your playstyle.

How To Get To Arch Glacor










How to get to arch glacor?

How to get to arch glacor depends on your magic safeguard, you will need a lot of combat and defense points as well as some magic protection. You should also have tier 70 or higher armor with an encrusted soul gem in order for your character’s life gauge to not be completely drained after each battle against this challenging boss monster! If that isn’t enough then I’m afraid there’s no way around it: hard mode awaits players who dare take on these challenges head-on if you don’t have enough defense, combat, magic safeguard, soul split, High tier armor, 100+ weaponry and a whole lot more.

How To Get Arch Glacor Killed easily in the Runescape game?

killing arch glacor in runescape

How to get to arch glacor in Normal Mode

You will encounter Arch Glaor in normal or hard mode just like bound, Kerapac, and TzKal-Zuk

Normal mode

The fight is made easier for you with customizable mechanics. There are a few different ways this can be played, depending on your preferences and what kind of challenge you want, it can be set to be easy or difficult by removing or adding mechanics, but take note that will will have an impact on your rewards. Once the boss has been defeated in solo mode and all the desired mechanics are activated, You can go on to the hard mode encounter.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at some strategies to help you kill arch glacor in normal mode.

How to get to arch glacor by activating all Mechanics.

With this, you will get maximum reward to unlock hard mode in Arch Glacor.

If you don’t want to have poor drop table then you should activate all mechanics in normal mode and defeat arch glacor. That way you earn more rewards and move on to boss mode. It is recommended to have at least 83+ slayer ability level so once you have that we can proceed to the mechanics in normal mode.

1. Glacyte MinionsMage: Ariane

Glacyte minions

Depending on your setting, you may get other mechanics first, but this does not affect the strategy we reveal to you about killing the Arch glacor. What do glacyte minions do? The Arch-Glacor will remain immune to damage until all of its minions are killed.

How to defeat: So in this case you have to click on the cores as soon as you can and damage it through the balls. When enraged, Arch-Glacor is going to attack you while also spawning minions, stay still and go for the bolstered glacyte.

2. Creeping ice

Enabled by default, These mechanics spike from one side of the battle stage towards you, which then forces you towards one side of the arena.creeping ice This is a very crucial mechanic, when you notice creeping ice, it means arch glacor is about to launch an attack at you. it is either of the five mechanics in the normal mode.

How to defeat: Just be alert at this point if not, you will be hit unaware and your health level will decrease rapidly.

3. Pillars of ice – Mage: Akthanakos

pillar of ice arch glacor

The Arch-Glacor forces you to stand on one side after the creeping ice and then draws in beams of light energy from the sky. They are real difficult to dodge and if you get hit, you will be damaged badly. The beam will follow you around and split into two when it reaches you, draining and sapping 8% of your maximum Prayer points.

How to defeat: Take advantage of the fact that the two beams move slowly towards you, thereby allowing you the chance to deflect around it while also protecting yourself against the creeping ice.

4. Exposed core – Mage: Enakhra

The Arch-Glacor’s frozen core hits the ground in the center of the arena, causing its body to collapse and then slams its two arms down on either side of you in order to trap you. The more times it stacks up, the more damage it does to you.

How to defeat: To escape alive, you’ll have to break through one of its arms and get out of its closeness, do iy quickly so that you don’t end up dead. Repeat as much as you possibly can to break free. Then go out of the area.

5. Flurry – Mage: Arianwyn

For normal mode you will only encounter range and magic attacks from the arch glacor, you will have “Increased damage reduction when praying against the correct combat style“. The green furry is the ranged attack, while only hands raised indicates magic attack.

How to defeat – Prayer flick the right attack and you will defeat this mechanic.

6. The Frost Canon – Mage: Charos

Arch glacier frost canon

The only attack out of the other ones that you can’t dodge is Frost Canon. Once you’re caught in it, the beam will push you to a spot and fire power at you. Nothing works against this mechanic, high hp, spam hitting or magic mode but you must be ready. If you do excessive dbs to the boss, it does bad damage to it.

How to defeat – You must use shield switching and other defensive techniques to fight and live because it’s inevitable; it’s pretty much impossible to dodge.

 Completing your first normal mode kill

  • We recommend that you have an at least 80 combat level and a Defence level of at least 70 in the combat style you plan to use for this fight.
  • To make sure you take as little damage from magic as possible, use Magic Protection any time you’re about to fight a mage or cast a spell.
  • If you deal a large amount of damage per hit, make sure to use Soul Split. It is more useful than the protection prayers when it comes to obtaining resources from monsters.
  • Also, make sure to turn off the Auto-Retaliate mode because during Pillars of Ice, you will need to stop attacking. Instead, start running around and kill as many enemies as possible.
  • In the normal mode, bosses have no particular weaknesses. That means that any combat style will work.
  • You should use tier 70+ armor that includes Bandos, Armadyl, Subjugation, and many other better options. Your weaponry should at least be tier 80.
  • Select from a variety of combat potions, including super potions and different strengths, to increase your hit and damage chances.

Items you need to fight Arch glacor in normal mode

  • 100 Combat recommended
  • 68 Summoning for Bunyip

While it is not a good choice for killing arch glacors, Wild Magic has an excellent damage output. It deals a lesser amount of damage than Asphyxiate, but it is delivered faster. This means that you can use another ability, such as Burst, after your last hit to deal the most damage possible. This way, you will have a higher damage-per-second rating than you would with Asphyxiate alone.

In addition to a one-handed weapon, a shield is an excellent choice for killing glacors. Using a shield gives you extra life points and armour, and it also provides a defensive ability, like Reflect. Reflect can help you save some life points by reducing damage, since glacors do not rebound damage. You can also use Resonance to gain extra health, but you will not be able to heal when a glacor attacks with an icy attack.

Another option is to use an enduring glacyte, which can be used to deal damage to a glacor. This glacyte can be very damaging to glacor, but it has a reduced damage when it is next to you. As a result, you must lure it far enough away from the glacor to deal enough damage and get full damage. You should also kill it last, as it will drain 50 prayer points.

How to boost your power when fighting glacors

  • When fighting arch glacors, you should make use of your combat abilities. Your damage will be boosted by a high amount. It is possible to use detonate with high damage but be aware that this ability has a very long charging time. Moreover, you cannot move away from an unstable glacyte while it is being charged. Additionally, you should use a different ability before the last hit of a glacor to avoid wasted hits.
  • The attacks of an arch glacor can be prevented by casting a spell. You can use Debilitate to block their attacks. The spell will activate for as long as Glacor hits you. You can also use Vampyrism aura to keep yourself alive. In addition, stat boosting curses and prayers will increase your damage output and kills per hour.
  • The glacor’s main attack in exposed core is a slam with both arms. It then launches a group of icicles that will target the square you’re in and deal 50% damage. At that point when you get trapped, using a shield is also helpful against exposed cores.

While you’re attacking a glacor, try to lure an enduring glacyte away first. This will increase your kill time and allow you to get a better deal. You can also try sapping glacytes. These creatures will drain your prayer and do damage, so it’s important to keep an eye out for them.

What is the Leng artefact?

The Leng artefact is a drop that you can use to upgrade nightmare gauntlets, gloves of passage, and Kerapac’s wrist wraps. You can get it by dropping from Arch-Glacor. You’ll find a list of the first 100 items on this page alphabetically. The list also lists all known sources and includes further information on the item.

What is Frozen core of Leng?

The frozen core of Leng Arch Glacor is a powerful item which will allow you to upgrade tier-85 weapons. It contains an incredible amount of magic and can be used to make some very cool weapons. It can be obtained by defeating Arch Glacors in hard mode.

Killing the arch glacor in hard mode

To be eligible for hard mode difficulty of Arch Glacor, your armor must have an item level of 430 or greater. The amount of enrage and streaks a player has when killing Arch Glacors has an impact on the drop rates of these bosses. Whether you’re a skilled veteran or simply looking to try your hand at a new challenge, Hard Mode is the toughest challenge the Arch-Glacor has to offer. In hard mode, Azzanadra holds the majority of Arch-Glacor’s power at bay. Exhaustion will enable all mechanics and add additional changes that up the ante even further. This Hard Mode is made for solo players only, where there are no safe deaths. But for those who manage to surpass this challenge, there’s an exclusive Tier 95 melee weapon waiting for you.

What are the chances of getting arch glacor?

The base chance of obtaining an Arch-Glacor is 1/1000. This chance increases with every 100 enrage and every 40-kill streak. However, these formulas are not 100% reliable. Nonetheless, they do seem to match the known drop rates for the Elder God Wars Dungeon.

Arch Glacor will be available to play on August 31. To get this boss, you will need basic combat gear and be level 84 to complete the slayer task. While this task is essential for most kills, it will not always be required to get the rewards. The Arch-Glacor is comparable to King Black Dragon in terms of health, but with a few additional benefits.

What is new in Arch glacor hard mode?

The Arch-Glacor boss fight is now more balanced, with a number of fixes. First, the boss’ health will now be reduced to 1,250 when you kill him. Also, you won’t have to worry about other bosses affecting your health anymore. Another fix is that the Pontifex Ring no longer reduces the amount of anima dropped by bosses, as the new ring will drop anima at 100%. Additionally, the Arch-Glacor boss fight now has voice lines, which can help you with your battle. Also, the Glacytes’ health has been adjusted to be more balanced to the number of mechanics that are active during the fight.

Another notable fix was the introduction of a new ability called Enhanced Luck Potion, which can be used to increase the chance of getting better drops. The Enhanced Luck potion and Collector’s insignia (charged) are useful for enhancing your chance of obtaining higher drops. Another change is the removal of a bug that prevented players from engaging two glacors at the same time. This glitch was fixed on 13 April 2015.

Final words

In the popular online game Runescape, players can face off against a variety of bosses. Among the most challenging opponents is the Arch Glacor, a powerful ice creature that can quickly drain a player’s life points. However, there are some strategies that can be used to take down this fearsome opponent. One is to use fire-based attacks, which are particularly effective against ice-type creatures. Another is to take advantage of the Arch Glacor’s vulnerability to crush weapons. Using one of these methods, or a combination of both, can help even the most inexperienced player take down this powerful foe. With a little know-how, defeating the Arch Glacor can be much easier than it might first seem.