how to use rotten breath elden ring

The Elden Ring provides the player with powerful debuffs, and one of them is Scarlet Rot. This powerful debuff will increase your HP by 20%, increase the rate at which you recover stamina, and increase the amount of time you can spend breathing over an area. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use it and make the most of it.


Scarlet Rot is a powerful debuff in Elden Ring

Scarlet Rot is a status effect that deals damage over time to players and enemies. Its duration is limited, but it has a high damage-per-second rate. Like Poison, Scarlet Rot scales depending on your health. It is effective against bosses and enemies alike.

Players can get this debuff using various weapons and incantations. It can also be induced by approaching a Fire Giant and using various items. This is an extremely powerful debuff, and it is recommended that players run from these attacks. Despite its power, Scarlet Rot is not unavoidable in Elden Ring.


The best way to get rid of Scarlet Rot is to quick travel. Quick travel will not work if you are in combat, and will not help you if you have a status effect. Quick travel will also reset the map, which is a good idea if you often visit high-risk areas.

It increases your HP by 20%

The Rotten breath Elden Ring is an enchantment that increases your HP by 20% when it’s equipped. It can be obtained from the Abandoned Cave of Caelid. It also increases the rate of stamina recovery. This ring can stack with other items that boost runes. It can also be upgraded to increase the number of runes your enemies drop.

The Rotten Breath Incantation is one of the most powerful dragon incantations in Elden Ring. You can cast it on yourself or your target. When you’re targeting multiple enemies, this spell is the most effective because it covers a large area in a cloud of scurrying rot. It also increases the duration of your long-range attacks. The ability to drag your breath is particularly useful during boss fights.

The Rotten Breath incantation is a very powerful spell, especially if you’re a DPS or tank. It will take a few seconds to cast but can wreck enemies and bosses. This ability is effective throughout the game and is highly useful for rod damage.

It increases the speed of your stamina recovery

Rotten breath is a ranged attack that you can perform while using the Elden Ring. It unleashes a brownish gas that resembles rotten breath. It is also known as scarlet rot breath. This attack is effective at dealing high damage and can be useful when fighting bosses.

The Elden Ring is also good for sorcery builds, as it gives sorcerers multiple options to deal with evasive enemies. The delayed Rock Sling’s heavy punch and stagger can fool enemies into dodging. Sorcerers can use the Phalanx line of sorceries, as well as the semi-invisible Night Comet and Ambush Shard. However, faith casters struggle to keep up with fast-moving enemies, as they only have a few incantations and don’t have many spells to use.

The Rotten breath elden ring has several incantations. First, you can cast Flame of Frenzy, which is a great area of effect spell. You can also use Frenzied Burst, which is a sniping spell. Another useful spell is Scouring Black Flame, which scatters a black flame in a cone in front of the player. Lastly, Pest Threads is a cheap and spammable incantation, which follows the target for quite a while.

It increases the time spent breathing over an area

Rotten breath is a spell that allows you to extend your breathing time in a certain area by a small amount. It is available through dragon rituals and is viewed by many players as the best spell to use in the early game. It also served as one of the few ways to deal with the evil General Radan. To unlock Rotten Breath, players need to find Dragon Hearts (DRH), which are dropped by defeated dragons. Sometimes this requires the player to kill an old enemy to get a Dragon Heart.

The Rotten Breath spell is a powerful spell, but it can be difficult to use. It is not recommended for solo play, and players should use the ring in conjunction with other skills and enchantments. Rotten Breath is best used against group enemies. It covers a large area with a large amount of smoke, which can be used to deal massive damage.

Rotten breath is also useful against mobs, as it increases the amount of time a character can spend breathing over an area. The effect lasts for a long time, and increases damage and healing over time. Rotten breath is a useful spell if you have the Elden Ring.