what to do before burning erdtree

When you are completing the quests in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will notice a constant beacon called Erdtree, which will constantly remind you to enter it. You can also take a side quest to visit the Deeproot Depths. These quests will help you prepare for the big battle that will be coming.


Complete side quests

The main goal of the game is to burn the Erdtree, which will cause changes in the world and prevent you from accessing some areas. This is necessary in order to advance the main storyline. However, it is possible to postpone this goal until later in the game.

Before starting the final chapter, it is best to complete the side quests. During the course of the game, players will come across various NPCs. For example, Smith and Roderika will live after the Erdtree fire, but they won’t have their questlines active anymore. Therefore, it’s recommended to finish side quests with these NPCs before burning the Erdtree. Other important quests are those involving exploring the sewers and the Royal Capital district. Completing these questlines will allow you to obtain fabled items, such as the Bolt of Gransax and the Spear of Destiny.


Completing side quests is also a great way to explore the open world and learn more about the game’s world. You’ll find countless interesting and entertaining NPCs throughout the game, as well as some terrifying monsters. Elden Ring is an open world game with a large number of side quests and a massive amount of content. You’ll have plenty of hours to explore the game’s world and complete quests.

Defeat Bernahl

Defeat Bernahl before burning Erdtree is a quest that can be completed once, after completing the Ranni’s quest for the Cursemark of Death. You will get legendary armaments as a reward for completing the quest. However, if you defeat Malekith first, you will cancel the quest. However, this has been fixed in patch 1.03; you can still accomplish the quest if you have not yet killed Malekith.

Bernahl is a hard enemy, but he is not impossible to beat. He has a single attack that deals a lot of damage and leaves a wide circle of red. This attack will sap HP from players who are caught within the circle. To avoid this, make sure you attack slowly and take down any nearby Bernahl. Afterward, you can pick up the Devourer’s Scepter weapon.

Visit Deeproot Depths

One of Fia’s personal sidequests requires you to visit Deeproot Depths before burning the erdtree in the Siofra Aqueducts. You’ll find huge ant enemies, undead knights, and fire-breathing sentinels in this region. You can even face up to four bosses here, but the real challenge lies in finding your way through the deep root system.

If you’ve played previous FromSoftware games, you’ll be familiar with this secret quest. You’ll be teleported up a waterfall and into Deeproot Depths, where you’ll face powerful enemies. There’s also an optional boss called Lichdragon Fortissax. This questline can also reward you with a few unique drops.

Defeat Corhyn

To complete the quest Defeat Corhyn before burning Erdtree, head to the capital, the Ashen Capital, and defeat him. Corhyn will be near a massive spear. When the battle is over, you will receive a Mending Rune of Perfect Order. You can use it to unlock a special ending sequence.

The quest is available from the Scribe in the Altus Highway Junction Site of Lost Grace, located in the Altus Plateau. The road northward should lead you to the location. You should find Corhyn in the area and he should have new Incantations to give you.

Corhyn is the last boss of the game. After he is defeated, he will leave the Hold. To reach him, you will need to defeat the enemies Morgott and the Grand Lift of Rold, which you can easily do with the Omen King guide. Once you’ve defeated these two bosses, the next step is to go to the Altus Plateau. The area is located north of Altus Highway Junction. From here, you can find Corhyn near a Pillar.

Defeat Goldmask

You have to defeat Goldmask before you can enter the Erdtree. You can do this by traveling southwards on a broken bridge, and then using a teleporter to spawn at the other end of the bridge. This way, you can talk to Corhyn to find out where the Goldmask is. Then, you can buy additional Incantations from him and finish the quest.

You can find a Goldmask in the Leyndell Royal Capital, near the bonfire on the West Capital Rampart. The goldmask is on the side of the bonfire, pointing at something. You can also find a Goldmask in the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, where you must defeat Godfrey, First Elden Lord.