how to switch between lcd to eyeview in nikon6

Your Nikon6 digital camera offers several options to help you choose the best view. First, you need to identify which viewing option you are currently using and then press the appropriate key to extend or retract the viewing option lever. Then, press the right arrow key to select eyeview and then press the OK button to confirm. You should now be able to see the image in your viewfinder, and you can then take your picture!

By default, the Nikon Z6 automatically switches between LCD and eye-level viewfinder. However, if you are not satisfied with the default display mode, you can change it in the camera’s menu. Alternatively, you can hold down the DISP button while turning on the power switch to change the default display mode.

You can also switch between the eyeview and LCD screens by pressing the Monitor Mode button. When you’re using the eye-level viewfinder, the automatic display switch will switch from the viewfinder to the monitor and vice versa when you’re not using it. The eye-level viewfinder can help you frame your shots. If you want to take a more detailed picture, you can press the Viewfinder Selector Lever to toggle the viewfinder to eye-level. You can also adjust the Diopter Adjustment Knob to fine-tune your vision through the LCD or eye-level viewfinder.