why does my discord keep joining random servers

If you’re wondering why does my Discord keep joining random servers, you’re not alone. This article will show you some solutions to stop random servers from DMing you, how to prevent bots from joining random servers, and how to stop malware from spreading on Discord.


How to prevent bots from joining random servers

In a discord server, you can prevent bots from joining a server without their permission. These bots need permission to ban people and manage the server. If they do not have permission to join, they are considered bad bots. You should also change your password and enable two-factor authentication on your Discord account.

How to find legit servers

If you’re looking for a discord server, you can search online or use a directory. Discord servers are listed in categories and can be found using tags. You can join a server if you know someone in the community or you’re looking for a new server to join.


Before joining a Discord server, be sure to read the rules. Some servers have strict rules and require moderator approval before you can join. There are many different servers for almost any topic you can imagine. In addition to these, you can even create your own server for a private space.

Some servers advertise their servers on their Discord accounts. You can also check the advertising category to find new servers. It’s important to follow their rules, or your ads may be considered spam. One popular Discord server listing site is DiscordBee.

How to stop random servers from DMing you

One of the easiest ways to avoid being spammed by random servers on Discord is to disable DMs from non-friends. This can be done through your account’s privacy and safety settings. In your personal server settings, click on the down arrow in the top left corner and choose the Privacy option.

Discord messaging is a great way to make new friends, but some people prefer to keep their circles small, as they are less likely to receive negative messages from complete strangers. To avoid receiving unwanted messages from random servers, you can also block them. Discord has a feature that allows you to block any server that does not allow you to be a friend. This will block messages from non-friends, but only for future servers you join.

To block random servers from DMing you, make sure they are members of your friends list. You can also do this by adding them to your friends list.

How to prevent malware from spreading on Discord

Discord is a popular community for gamers but it is not immune to malware attacks. Malicious actors use Discord to trick its users, allowing them to spread malware and other harmful content. According to a new study by SecurityBrief, teens are now spreading malware for cash on the platform. These malware attacks range from crypto mining to credential theft and even ransomware. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent malware from spreading on Discord.

Malware attacks on Discord use social engineering techniques such as bait-and-switch ads and malicious links. Users are often enticed to click on these links or download infected files. These malicious files then gain direct access to the user’s system. It is therefore vital to protect against this type of malware.

Malware on Discord can be dangerous for your computer because it can give hackers administrative access to your device and steal data. Malware on Discord can also be used to spy on you and monitor your activity. Malware is not always obvious, but it can cause serious damage to your computer. To prevent malware, you should always keep your antivirus software updated and install updates.