Question: what personality alignment is hank detroit become human?

Answer: Lawful Neutral

Hanks’s personality alignment type can be described as lawful neutral. While he had been a prolific officer before the death of his son, in gameplay, Hank is generally grumpy and not necessarily attached to what’s going on around him. Even as a police officer, he will occasionally make friends with people who broke the law like Gary Kayes, and Pedro Aabdar. He will let things be as long as these criminals don’t hurt anyone. 

Question:What Moral alignment is hank detroit become human?

Answer: Classic Virtuoso (ISTP)

Hank’s tendency to be introverted, thoughtful, and calm under pressure sets him as a classic Virtuoso (ISTP) character. He is not afraid to think for himself and make a choice that will not be supported by his colleagues. Hank’s individualistic personality is also seen in the frequent clashes he has with his superior officers (including Captain Fowler). 


He disliked androids and wasn’t particularly pleased to be paired with Connor but in most determinants, he didn’t allow his feelings to keep him from having an open mind. His growing respect and regard for Connor are some of the best aspects of the game.

Detective Hank Anderson

Detective Hank Anderson was born on September 6th, 1985. Haven spent his formative years in Detroit, he enrolled in the police academy from which he graduated as his class Valedictorian. Hank joined the Detroit Police Department and quickly rose through the ranks. Starting as a Beat Cop roaming the streets, he was promoted to a Police Detective and in August of 2029, became the youngest Lieutenant in the history of the Detroit PD. 


Before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Hank was an integral part of the Red Ice Task Force that cracked down on dealers and distributors of the illicit drug. Eventually, Hank will join the homicide department where he was paired with the humanoid android, Connor.

In 2035, Hank and his young son, Cole were involved in an automobile accident that resulted in the death of Cole. The events that led to this led Hank into a cycle of alcoholism and suicidal tendencies coupled with a deep-seated resentment for androids. 

He lives with his dog, Sumo, and spends most of his time in bars.

Hank Anderson Appearance

Hank is a male human with Grey hair and blue eyes. As a young police officer, he had short brown hair and looked more organized than the disheveled appearance he will come to carry as a result of a poor diet and alcoholism.

In gameplay, Hank is a tall man with jaw-length hair, a full beard, and a small beer belly. He does not have a stylish fashion sense and wears a retro look. Hank is drawn to the introspective and rational. He drives an old 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham and loves listening to dark heavy metal and jazz music.

He hates androids because of the role an android surgeon played in the death of his son. As the story progresses, Hank’s sense of morality is seen in instances such as when he felt embarrassed about ordering a prostitute service to help Connor track an android crime suspect.

Hank Anderson Quotes

  • After seeing Connor’s sample evidence for the first time:

Err, Jesus! What the hell are you doing?… Ok, just don’t put any more evidence in your mouth, you got it? 

  • Hank being annoyed:

Listen asshole, if it was up to me I’d throw the lot of ya in a dumpster and set a match to it, so stop pissing me off! Or things are gonna get nasty.

  • Hank being inquisitive:

What about you Connor? You look human, you sound human… but what are you really? 

Possible Personality Traits Based on Gameplay Determinants

  • Hank may quit his job and commit suicide.
  • If Connor is repeatedly killed and respawned, Hank will be led to dwell more on the death of his son. 
  • Hank is likely to become close friends with Connor if Connor becomes a deviant and they both survive till the end.
  • Hank and Connor may develop a toxic relationship that will culminate in a confrontation that can end with the two of them killing each other.

Possible Deaths

Depending on gameplay determinants, Hank’s life may end through suicide, Being killed by Connor, or being killed by Connor-60 (the other version of Connor who appears later in the game). 

Even though Hank is not a happy person to be around, he is generally calm under pressure and tends to let things be as long as no one is getting hurt.