The fertilizer plant is a horrible place to work. Human waste like gelatin, albumen, and glue are turned into fertilizer. Jurgis, after hearing horror stories about the plant, decides to take a job there. The job is dirty and he has to shovel the fertilizer into carts. He suffers through dust storms and vomits from the fertilizer dust.

jurgis was a fertilizer man

Ona’s father dies and her family is left in financial straits, and ona is forced to work in order to pay for the costs of the home. Ona and her family are plagued by sickness. The winter is especially harsh, and Jurgis’s father passes away from illness.


Although Jurgis is desperate to find work, he knows that there’s a dark shadow following him. It’s a job that is not for the faint of heart. The only option he has is to work at the fertilizer plant. This job may be difficult, but it is the only way he can support his family.

A few years later, Jurgis is blacklisted by the city, and his chances of finding work are slim. He manages to land a job at a fertilizer plant, but he’s covered in dust. He’s also dizzy and has frequent headaches. The job also stinks awful. Jurgis’s children begin to develop some very disturbing habits, which Elzbieta tries to break.


When Jurgis comes home from work, he’s covered in animal byproducts and fertilizer. The smell is so unbearable that he can barely stand up. He’s unable to wash off the fertilizer, and his family vomits when they smell him. Nevertheless, despite the misery, Jurgis and his family manage to survive the summer months by saving enough money for the winter.

Jurgis is able to return to work. His boss had given up on him, but he’s able to find a job. He’s hired by a meatpacking factory, and marvels at how efficiently the factory is running. He learns, however, that the animals in the plant are treated cruelly.

he fell into the vats

After Jurgis had just received a job offer, he started running home to celebrate. He sounded like a cyclone as he burst into the house. Unfortunately, his arrival coincided with the arrival of his lodgers who had just gone to bed.

Workers at the Packingtown fertilizer plant suffered from various illnesses. These conditions were incredibly unsafe and exposed the workers to potentially lethal chemicals. Some of the workers were even crushed against the factory wall, which is why they were so vulnerable to accidents. In addition, workers in the fertilizer plant work in horrific conditions in vats full of chemicals and a horrible smell. The conditions are inhumane, and many of the men suffer from various diseases.

In the United States, we live in a democracy, which means that the officials who run the country are elected. This means that rival sets of grafters competed for positions of power. As a result, elections were often close and the poor man had the chance to win. In most cases, the Democratic Party won the election.

Jurgis was a Lithuanian immigrant who had come to the U.S. to improve his life. While many immigrants opted for a better life, they were not proficient in English and ended up in the meatpacking industry. Jurgis’ fate differs from his intentions. While the author hoped to expose the brutal conditions at the meatpacking plant, the public’s response was not exactly what he had envisioned.

he witnessed lack of sanitation

In his job as a laborer at a fertilizer plant, Jurgis witnessed a lack of sanitation and deteriorating conditions in the stockyards. He saw diseased animals mixed in with healthy ones, rats crawling all over the meat, and an overall lack of sanitation. He also saw employees getting extra work just to keep pay down. In addition, he saw people fall through the meat chutes. As a result, he started to learn English and vote for Democrats.

The conditions at the plant were so poor, workers began to suffer from skin diseases. Some even lost fingers while working on the assembly lines. Many workers were ill and suffered crippling back injuries. They did not have proper sanitation at work, and they often urinated in the corner of the floor.

Jurgis was arrested. He was half-dazed and exhausted. The policemen watched him as he walked down the wrong corridor. He stayed as close to the police as he could. But because of the smell of the fertilizer, he was unable to move away from them. The police officer also told him that he could be charged with assault and battery.

As a journalist, Upton Sinclair focuses on exposing corruption in government and business. The author spent seven weeks in Chicago meatpacking plants and uncovered what he saw. After the investigation, he wrote a novel, The Shock of the Fertilizer Plant. It was published as a book by Doubleday in 1906. Jurgis had immigrated to the US after suffering economic hardship in Lithuania. He and his wife, Ona Lukoszaite, had hoped to pursue the American Dream and a better life.

he had a sense of humor

Jurgis had a wry sense of humor that set him apart from his co-workers at the fertilizer plant. He worked long hours, often in uncomfortable conditions, and suffered from back pain. He was never happy with his boss, but he made the most of his job. When the day was over, he could barely walk and needed to lean against the building to get his bearings. Most men would have immediately hit the saloon, but Jurgis was too weak to drink.

His boss was a corrupt politician and hired Jurgis to cross picket lines. He paid Jurgis substantial amounts of money for his services. The jokes he told the workers made the job even more amusing. It was not just his sense of humor that made him a success at the fertilizer plant.

The fertilizer plant gave Jurgis an opportunity to practice his new skills. He had to learn to shovel the fertilizer into the carts, and he would hear others shoveling and sometimes collide with them. He had a hard time seeing six feet in front of him.

His work was grueling. His wife Elzbieta, who had seven children, tended the plant and made sure Jurgis did not miss his work. She tried to be as cheerful as she could. She urged him to get up, but Jurgis refused. Elzbieta had a great sense of humor. She even got him a job at the fertilizer plant in the middle of the night. She kept him happy by smoothing his forehead every hour and talking to him.

he was ambitious

When his wife dies, Jurgis has nowhere to turn. He’s desperate to find a job, and the fertilizer plant in Durham is his only hope. But he has problems of his own. He longed to drink, and he hated his wife and children. He had married like a fool, and the marriage tied him down, making him a slave. He’d rather have run off like Jonas and gone to hell with the packers, but marriage kept him stuck in the yard for a long time.

After that terrible day, Jurgis could barely stand up. His limbs were so weak that he had to lean against a building to get his bearings. Most men would have gone straight to the saloon, but he was too exhausted to drink. He staggered to his car, wishing he could have enjoyed a beer. However, Jurgis had a sense of humor.

Despite his failing health, Jurgis is determined to work at the fertilizer plant. Even though he has a splitting headache and is in terrible physical shape, he persists and eventually becomes a fertilizer man. Eventually, he’s able to eat, but not before the pounding headaches start affecting his ability to work.

Eventually, he was given a job in the fertilizer mill. His boss told him that he would get used to it, but he also had to make changes to his stomach. Eventually, the job seemed to pay off. By the end of May, he was able to make a lot of money, but the hot weather continued to threaten his happiness.

Jurgis is ambitious and has a strong character. He wants a better life. After hearing about his friend’s success in America, he wants to go there too. However, it’s expensive and difficult. However, he’s a hard worker and is confident he’ll be able to achieve his goal.