Lieutenant Hank Anderson is a detective with the Detroit City Police Department, working at the DPD Central Station. His mission in the series is to investigate cases that involve deviant androids. He is a former classmate of Jeffrey Fowler, and he graduated from his police academy as Valedictorian. He initially worked as a street beat cop before becoming a detective.


The Friend personality alignment is the second one in the game. It can be helpful when Connor is trying to save Hank. The game will ask you to complete QTEs so Hank can survive. If you complete them in the right order, Hank will spare you from his wrath. You’ll also get bonuses if you use this alignment correctly. If you are looking for a complete walkthrough of the game, then check out this guide.


The Friend personality alignment gives Hank a lot of benefits. It gives him a sense of responsibility. He will protect Hank in battles. Connor’s goal is to prevent Markus from killing Hank. However, there are some downsides to this personality alignment.

The Friend personality alignment is important for Hank in Detroit: Become Human. There are many key moments that will affect Hank and Connor’s friendship. There are a few ways you can help your character to become a friend. By being polite to Connor, he will feel better about you.



The Warm personality alignment of Hank Detroit is the opposite of his Cool personality alignment. As a PI, Hank is a good detective, but he dislikes androids, and is resentful about his son’s death. He is also stubborn and insensitive. Hank is a great performer under pressure, but he has problems with alcohol. In the series, Hank develops a friendship with Connor. This friendship is a joy to watch and is one of the highlights of the game.

Hank was promoted to lieutenant in 2029, and became the youngest lieutenant in Detroit’s history. He is known for his ability to secure some high-profile arrests, and continued to be an integral part of the Red Ice Task Force until at least 2031. After that, he joins the homicide division.

Hank appears in a few movies. He usually wears a dark suit, a dark tie, and a pair of glasses. In the movie, he is seen drinking at a bar in Detroit. He is then approached by Connor, who informs him of his assignment. At first, Hank is hesitant to leave the bar, but he is persuaded by Connor’s courteous and aggressive nature to accompany him.

Hank is very unfashionable, and his attire is typically not stylish. He wears a dark-colored jacket over his shirt and dark-colored pants. He likes to listen to jazz music and dark metal music. He drives a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham. He has a long-time friendship with Captain Jeffrey Fowler. He drinks Black Lamb Scotch Whisky. His Evidence Room password is FUCKINGPASSWORD, and he dislikes Connor sampling evidence with his mouth.

When Connor arrives at the Eden Club, Hank will find him there. He has just rescued a human customer. He will find out where the victim is by talking to Connor and Ben Collins. While they are outside, Connor will meet FBI Special Agent Perkins. He is very rude and insults Hank and Connor.


Neutral good characters are those who help others because they wish to. They are not governed by authority or law, but instead act according to their conscience. They also tend to avoid conflict and work with society’s leaders, and are neutral in their opinions. They believe that some degree of order and freedom is beneficial to society.

Hank Anderson is a detective in the Detroit Police Department’s central station. He holds a grudge against androids. In the beginning of the series, he was a beat cop in the streets before being promoted to a detective. In the series, he was classmates with Jeffrey Fowler. Hank was an honor student at police academy. He later became a detective and worked with other detectives in the city.

Neutral Good characters are usually very trustworthy, and they are dependable and loyal to their friends and allies. They also have a strong moral code and are effective in groups that try to do good. The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook 3.5 Edition describes this personality type as a “benefactor.” Benefactor characters place the well-being of others above their own needs and often break rules to help others.

The death of Cole led Hank into a downward spiral of depression and alcoholism. He also developed suicidal tendencies. He also began to hate the androids, blaming them for the death of Cole. This was one of the main reasons that Hank became an evil character.

Hank Dawson is a police officer in Detroit. He is part of the Red Ice Task Force, which cracks down on Red Ice dealers. In 2029, he became a lieutenant. He served as a member of this task force until at least 2031. In 2031, Hank joined the homicide division.


Lieutenant Hank Anderson is a detective with the Detroit City Police Department. He works out of the central station and is assigned to investigate cases involving deviant androids. He was a classmate of Jeffrey Fowler’s and graduated from the police academy with the highest honors. He initially started out as a beat cop before rising to detective status.

Hank and Connor meet at the Detroit Police Department Central Station. Hank informs Connor that he has been assigned a case involving deviants. Hank is reluctant to work with Connor because of his lack of training, but Connor is courteous and aggressive enough to convince him to go. Eventually, Hank and Connor agree to go to the crime scene.

Hank once had a high social standing and was well respected by his colleagues. But after his son’s death, his behavior changed. His temper has become short, and he has a negative opinion of people. He’s also angry with androids and emotionless beings. He often has friends who break the law. He doesn’t mind hanging out with Pedro Aabdar or Gary Kayes, but doesn’t like androids.

While the relationship between Connor and Hank doesn’t get off to the best start, it grows as they must work together in order to survive. Despite their differences, the two must become friends in Detroit: Become Human to unlock the ‘Partners’ Trophy. The game’s relationships are tracked in the top right corner of the screen, and blue arrows indicate positive changes. Connor’s likeability towards Hank can be increased by acting apologetic around him. The relationship can also be improved by offering compliments.