what is morbing

Morbing is a term used in the world of sexual activity. While there are many definitions of the term, the main one is the act of masturbating. Among those definitions are: “it’s Morbing time!”, “It’s Morbin Time!”


Morbing off is masturbating

Morbing off is an extreme form of masturbation. People who indulge in this type of behavior may make excuses for getting up and leaving. Despite the fact that it can be a healthy alternative to alcohol consumption, it’s not a miracle cure for overindulgence. It won’t rehydrate you or balance your electrolytes, and it won’t make you drink more, but it might do some good.

It’s Morbin Time

Morbius and the catchphrase It’s Morbin Time have become an Internet meme. The phrase is part of a running gag about the superhero movie Morbius. The catchphrase is similar to the Power Rangers’ catchphrase, It’s Morphin’ Time. Both terms have meanings that are still unclear.


The phrase was first used in a tweet by Morbheads back in November. This was before the film was released. The tweeter, @rhidaneelolivaw, wrote “It’s Morbin Time.” The tweet received over 4,800 votes in a week.

While the movie did not receive great reviews, it quickly became a meme with its catchy tagline. The movie, directed by Peter Bergman, has a cast that includes Jared Leto. While it didn’t garner much praise from critics, the Morbius meme has stuck around. It’s Morbin Time became a calling card for fans who enjoyed the film despite its flaws.

While “Morbius” was one of the worst movies of the year, it was immediately the most popular movie on Netflix. As a result, it has become a meme and continues to produce new memes. Regardless of its flaws, it’s a good movie to watch if you’re bored or simply want to see Matt Smith dance.

Sony Pictures recently announced plans to re-release the classic movie. The movie’s memes quickly went viral and the movie began trending on Twitter. Eventually, it was so popular that it was streamed on Twitch. In addition, fans requested a sequel, which incorporated references to Morbius. Unfortunately, the sequel ended up being a complete failure in select theaters.

Morbing catchphrase

The Morbius Sweep is a catchphrase made popular by Twitter user @Rank10YGO. It’s an ongoing joke surrounding the Morbius superhero movie. It has been used in Morbius memes on Reddit. However, there is no real connection between the catchphrase and the Morbius character in the movie.

As a result, the phrase is now used as the title of Morbius-themed memes on Reddit. In a matter of days, a meme with the phrase gained over 4000 retweets and 143,000 likes. Another meme with the catchphrase gained nearly nine thousand likes and 40 retweets.

It’s Morbin meme

If you’re a fan of memes and the internet, you’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s Morbing time!” at least once. This phrase comes from a fictional catchphrase attributed to the title character of the 2022 superhero movie Morbius. It’s also been used in a number of Morbius memes, particularly on Reddit. It is especially common on the /r/whenthe subreddit.

Even the Morbius movie itself has become a meme. Even today, a Morbius Discord server exists that spams its members with the entire movie. Since there’s no way to measure how many times it’s been viewed, it is not uncommon to see Morbius clips spread across the Internet in an ad-hoc fashion.

The phrase was first tweeted by a Twitter user named @rhidaneelolivaw, who tweeted “it’s morbing time” back in November. This was before the movie hit theaters. In addition to the memes, many websites jumped on the trend.

Despite the negative reviews of the film, Morbing continues to spread on the internet. Fans of the movie have nicknamed themselves Morbheads. Some have even been excited about rogue Twitch streamers who have been streaming the film round the clock. While this movie isn’t very good, it did bring forth numerous inside jokes that continue to resurface.

Despite the craze over the Morbius movie, its re-release in theaters this weekend made little more than $85,000. The film has now earned $73.6 million domestically. It is unclear if the re-release is simply a publicity stunt by Sony. In any case, there’s been little genuine buzz about the movie.