what is durfing

Durfing is a premarital practice that is performed before marriage. This practice results in hot spits and dry bumping. It is also common in Mormon culture. The purpose of the practice is not completely clear. Some people believe it is a religious practice, while others believe it is an act of sex.


Durfing is a premarital dry bumping

Durfing is a premarital ritual where a couple simulates sex in the act of dry bumping through the garment of the female partner. This practice is performed during the premarital courting period of the LDS religion. Usually, mormon young women use blue balls to simulate the act of sex while keeping their clothes on. In addition, mormon millenials often make out during the process.

It’s a Mormon practice

In the Mormon culture, it is forbidden to have sex before marriage. The practice, also known as dry humping, is the process of simulating sex while the female remains fully clothed. The male simulates sex by leaving the penis in the female’s vagina and letting it float for a long period of time. The male and female engage in conversations, often discussing scriptures, during the long duration of the floating.


The Mormon Church teaches that sexual transgression is second only to murder. In Alma 39:5, the prophets declared homosexual relations perverted and forbade masturbation. Consequently, many Mormons grow up sexually frustrated and lack the skills to deal with their frustrations in a healthy manner.

Mormons also emphasize moral standards that Jesus Christ taught. For example, Mormons do not drink tea or coffee because they could theoretically burn them. This practice reflects the belief that the goal is to become like God, and not just be like Him. The Mormons also believe in active choice.

Mormons also prohibit touching and petting their partners. To become a good member of the church, people must confess their sexual activities to their bishops. However, some women who participate in this practice have been hurt by this. Some believe that the practice makes women infertile and may lead to unwanted pregnancies. Nevertheless, the Mormon church has not responded to the accusations. Anderson says the practice is bad for women, and that it is detrimental to their health.

It’s a sex act

Mormons practice a sexual act called durfing, which is a form of intercourse. This practice allows a person without marriage restrictions to engage in sexual activity with someone else until they are married. Mormons believe that sex is not just about bearing children and masturbation, but it can also be a sexual act involving relationships and intellectual exchange.

According to the LDS Church, a person’s first marriage should take place at age 23. During a sexual intercourse, a person should avoid touching the genitals unless he or she is married or at least 16 years old. Mormons also practice “soaking,” which is a form of sex that involves being still while having sex with a partner without using a forceful push. The Mormons also engage in “durfing” or “dry humping,” which does not involve direct contact with a partner’s genitals and is done with clothing on.

It’s dangerous

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