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Badussy is a slang term for a bad odor. The term may also refer to a post-coital odor. Badussy is a contraction of the words bad ass dick and pussy. If you are logged in, you can add yourself to the map. You can also add yourself to a wiki.


Slang words for badussy

If you are tired of hearing people use “boobsy,” consider using a slang word for badussy. This word comes from the words boy and pussy, which means bottom. However, it is mostly used in a sexual context, so don’t use it to refer to a trans man’s vagina or front opening. Doing so could be offensive.

Badussy is a slang term for the smell caused by sexual activity, usually after rough intercourse. It is often accompanied by the smell of sweat and the smell of humidity in a room. It originated in 1997 when Bernie Mac used the word in his movie How to Be a Player. After that, it was spread by memes and slangs and eventually inspired a TikTok trend.



Badussy is a contraction of the words bad and pussy, which means “butt ass”. Although this name can mean bad odor, it may also mean post-coital odor. However, Badussy’s love of structure can lead to a pronounced dislike of change. In other contexts, Badussy is considered a sympathetic and generous character who supports others.

The name Badussy is a common Asian male given name. However, the meaning of this name goes beyond that. It is pronounced Ysudab and is sometimes reversed to be pronounced Sbysuda. While Badussy is not defined by one word, it does imply that someone with this name is a natural leader, an achiever, and a pioneering spirit.

The word Badussy is also an adjective, referring to the unpleasant odor that comes out of a woman’s butt after rough intercourse. Other names include Butt, Ass, Dick, and Pussy. In Chinese, the word badussy is pronounced as Yi Zhi, which means monkey love.


The origin of badussy can be traced back to the 1997 movie How to Be a Player, starring Bernie Mac. While playing a supporting role in the film, he says to the camera, “it stinks in here.” This utterance is the first known use of the term “badussy.” Since then, the term has become popular online and in memes.

Badussy is a slang word that combines the words “butt,” “dick,” and “pussy.” It’s used to refer to the smell emitted after sex. The term was coined by Bernie Mac in the 1997 film How to Be a Player, and it has spread ever since, thanks to memes and the TikTok phenomenon.

Meaning in slang

What is the meaning of the word “badussy?” This slang term is often used to describe a promiscuous or sexually aggressive woman. Although the term is commonly used as a derogatory term, some people have reclaimed the term as a term of empowerment.

The word “badussy” has a variety of slang origins. The word is derived from the French and Italian words badus and badussia. It is also an abbreviation for a bad smell, which is a defining characteristic of the badussy.

A badussy is a term derived from the words “butt,” “dick,” and “pussy.” It refers to the combined smell of the three words. It is often used in reference to the smell left behind after sexual activity. It was first used by Bernie Mac in the 1997 movie How to Be a Player. The term quickly spread through memes and became a trend on TikTok.

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Badussy is a slang word that combines the words “butt,” “dick,” and “pussy,” and is used to describe the smell that comes after sex. The word was first used in the 1997 movie, How to Be a Player, and spread through memes. It was also a popular topic for a TikTok trend.

Badussy was first used in the movie How to Be a Player, released in North America on August 6, 1997. In the movie, Bernie Mac is being seduced and says, “It stinks in here.” This is one of the earliest known uses of the term, which has become increasingly popular on the Internet in the twenty-first century. The term is often used in online memes and is still widely used.