what is a zard checking account

A Zard checking account is a checking account that allows you to write checks and use the Zard Card. It requires parent or guardian co-ownership and is intended to teach financial responsibility. You will need to deposit money into your account and pay an initial maintenance fee. In addition to the maintenance fee, you will need an adult co-owner to co-own the account.


Getting started with a zard checking account

If you’re interested in signing up for a Zard checking account, you’ve come to the right place. This account is a companion to the Zard Savings account, and it carries no minimum balance requirement. The account also pays interest at the SECU Checking account rate. Zard Checking accounts also come with a free $1,000 term life insurance policy, a $200 daily ATM withdrawal limit, a $1,000 daily purchase limit via a Zard Visa Card, and standard overdraft protection.

If you’re over 13, you can opt for a Zard Share Account. This is a similar adult savings account, and it represents a share of ownership in the Credit Union. This account also comes with a low maintenance fee of $1 per month. The Zard Share Account is available at branch offices or online.


Limitations on zard shares

A Zard checking account offers members an opportunity to earn more interest than a standard savings account. In addition to earning interest, the account has no minimum balance requirements. It can be opened online or in a branch, and you can open an account for as little as $5. However, the account does come with certain limitations.

You must have an adult co-signer to open a Zard Checking account or savings account. You must also open the account at a SECU branch or online. Minimum balance requirements are low and the interest rate is stated in the account terms. You must also have sufficient funds in your account to cover authorized charges. In addition, the account features a free $1,000 term life insurance and a $1,000 daily purchase limit via the Zard Visa Card. Overdraft fees are waived for the first two days of each calendar year. After these two days, there is a $0.50 fee.

Adult cosigner required

If you are a teenager and you’d like to open an account with Zard Credit Union, you’ll need an adult cosigner to open one. You can either open a Zard checking or savings account online or at a branch. Both accounts require an initial deposit and a monthly maintenance fee, but they have low minimum balance requirements. You’ll also need an adult to sign over all account transactions.

Cost of a zard checking account

A Zard checking account is an alternative to a traditional checking account. This type of account allows you to write checks and use your Zard Card for purchases. While there is no minimum balance requirement for the account, it does require an adult co-owner. The account has a nominal maintenance fee of $1 per month. The benefits of this type of account are minimal: a $1,000 term life insurance policy, daily ATM withdrawal limits of $200 and $1,000 on purchases made with a Zard Visa Card, and standard overdraft protection.

A Zard checking account is designed for young people. This account has low monthly maintenance fees and is free for members ages thirteen to 19 years old. The account also offers dividends, which are payments that members of credit unions receive for saving or investing money. Some companies even pay dividends to shareholders on a regular basis.