why does itachi have his arm out

If you’ve ever watched the manga, you’ve probably noticed that Itachi has his arm out. There’s a reason for this; the character’s arm has a fatal disease and he has a cloak that covers his body. But it’s also a cool swag move.


He has a pacifist persona

Itachi Uchiha is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto anime series. While he is immensely powerful and unflappable in the face of overwhelming odds, his pacifist persona is one that is relatable to many people. After all, he gave up everything to achieve his powers.

Itachi was born during the Third Shinobi World War, a war that saw thousands of small conflicts among the Shinobi nations and a full-scale war between the Great Ninja Villages. This war also changed Itachi’s way of life. He joined the Anbu at age eleven and is assigned to Team Ro. He works alongside Kakashi Hatake, who was the captain of the team.


He has a sharingan

In the anime, Itachi has a Sharingan that he uses to control his body. While using the Sharingan, Itachi often gets tired and cannot use the full power of the sharingan. This causes his eyes to bleed and deteriorate, and eventually leaves him nearly blind.

Itachi first learned to use the Sharingan when he was eight years old. Since then, he has developed his ability to a level well beyond the rest of his clan. The Sharingan allows him to see the flow of chakra and aids him in the use of genjutsu. The Sharingan can even allow him to turn genjutsu against another genjutsu user.

He wears a cloak

In the anime series Naruto, itachi often wears his left arm partially outside of his cloak. There are several possible explanations for this. One is that Itachi wears a cloak to keep his body temperature down. Another explanation is that Itachi is a fearless person who does anything for his master.

Despite Itachi’s little screen time, he was able to earn a large fan base despite his relatively small appearance. This was due to the fact that he was able to wreak havoc on jonin-level shinobis despite his young age. The character also looked imposing in his signature cloak, which he kept unbuttoned to rest his left arm.

He has a long hair part

Itachi is a popular anti-villain from the Naruto anime series and manga. He was first introduced in volume 16 of the manga, which ran from 1999 to 2014, and the following year, he debuted in the first anime season. Fans hated him for killing the Uchiha clan, but the village leaders ordered him to do so to avoid world war.

His hair is black with a part on the side, and his bangs are long. His headband features a horizontal slash and a leaf symbol. He also wears a long black robe that is decorated with red and white clouds, which is a sign of his allegiance to the Akatsuki terrorist group. While he does not show much emotion, he is known for his forcefulness and his ability to strike with ease. In his youth, he was a ninja prodigy.

He wears a ring

The ring is a symbol from the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki has eight members, each of whom has a ring that represents a different symbol in Chinese mythology. For example, the chief Itachi wears a red ring with a red kanji on it. This ring is also an example of how the Akatsuki protect themselves.

This ring was Itachi’s way of proving his loyalty to the Akatsuki. He also wore black robes and red clouds on his headbands to show his support for the Akatsuki. Itachi rarely showed emotion and was known for displaying his strength and courage. His Sharingan was powerful and he had an edge as a ninja.

He has a long left arm

Itachi’s long left arm is not the result of an injury. Instead, it is a fashion statement. The long sleeve he wears in the manga and anime series reflects his style. He may have worn it as a way to show dishonor and shame and also because he needed it to relieve the pain he felt from the disease.

Despite his small screentime in the manga series, Itachi has earned a large fan following. Despite his youth, Itachi is able to cause terror to jonin-level shinobis. In addition, he is the only member of the Akatsuki to look impressive in his signature cloak. When not wearing his cloak, Itachi can rest his long left arm on his right arm.