why does itachi have his arm like that

There are a few theories on why Itachi wears his arm like that. One is that he is a ronin, a Samurai without a master. This means that he wears his sleeve in this position to show dishonor and shame. Another theory is that he wears his arm in this position to relieve the pain of an illness.


Itachi’s underhanded move indicates he always has the upper hand in battle

This move is evidence that Itachi has the upper hand in battle. He is able to control the situation, painting himself as the villain, and leading them to the “win condition”. Itachi’s underhanded move against Sasuke shows his ability to plan ahead. He knew what Kabuto was doing in advance, and used that knowledge to his advantage.

This move is also evidence that Itachi knows Kakashi very well, having spent time with him in the Anbu. He knows Kakashi’s MO, which is to feint and break line of sight. Choji’s father knew that Kakashi had a similar strategy. Thus, it is possible that Itachi planned ahead for Kakashi’s move and did not know how to counter it.


Itachi’s relationship with Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame and Itachi have a complicated relationship. Though they love each other deeply, they are not the same. Kisame and Itachi were once enemies, but they became friends after the war. The two would sometimes fight each other, but in the end, it is Itachi who is the most loyal to the village.

Kisame is a bit reserved in Kirigakure, but she opens up to the Akatsuki members. Though she is an optimist, Kisame isn’t a frilly person and has no time for frills. Her relationship with Itachi is a bit more limited than Itachi’s, because she isn’t the frilly type.

Kisame is an excellent fighter. He enjoys battling, but he knows when to restrain himself. He is also good at bringing people back to life. His loyalty to Itachi is undeniable.

He uses Kotaro as an eye drop to extend his life

Kotaro is a medicinal drug used to extend the life of an individual. Itachi visits the Howling Wolf Village twice a year to use Kotaro eye drops to prolong his life. Unfortunately, the drug is extremely powerful and has heavy side effects. In order to get the most benefit, it is recommended to use Kotaro in moderation. If you’re planning to use it as an eye drop, make sure that you read the label.

Itachi is an interesting character in the Naruto series. He has a very philosophical mind and begins thinking about the meaning of life at an early age. He shares his thoughts with Akatsuki, and his words have a profound effect on others. His words are so meaningful that Kisame holds them dear.

He is a spy and a spy

One of the most striking things about Itachi is his arm. He is the most powerful character in the series, and has an arm that can easily hold a huge weight. It’s no wonder that he was recruited by Obito, as he was valuable to him. While it’s not clear why he was recruited, it’s likely that he was hired to be a spy and pass along information to the other members of the Akatsuki. Regardless, Itachi has a great personality and is an incredibly strong and well-rounded character.

Obito’s words have been rehashed countless times over the past two years. And even though people are still debating whether Obito was right in telling it to Itachi or not, his words are clear. While it is fun to speculate about possible scenarios, it doesn’t really matter. Obito can create a scenario by giving Itachi power up.

He is a powerful mental guy

Itachi is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series. He is a member of the uchiha clan. He is a very powerful mental guy. After being informed of the plan to kill the uchiha clan, he tells Danzo about it. After this, Danzo manipulates Itachi into thinking the coup cannot be stopped without bloodshed. Itachi then kills most of the targets without any bloodshed.

Itachi gained the Mangekyo Sharingan after witnessing a suicide. Itachi could use Tsukuyomi with both eyes, which alters the perception of time and traps opponents in an illusory world. He could also use the Amaterasu with his right eye, which ignites anything with a black flame.