which umbrella academy character are you

There are four characters in the Umbrella Academy: Ben Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves, Klaus, and Leonard. Whose character would you most identify with? Read on to find out. Let’s start with Ben. He is the most human and relatable of the four. Ben is a great friend to Vanya, but he is a bit sour. He can sometimes be quite mean, and his behavior can make Vanya suspicious.


Vanya Hargreeves

In the third season of Netflix’s hit series, The Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page has come out as transgender. In an Instagram post, the actor said that he would prefer to be referred to as he/they. He had played the cisgender character Vanya Hargreeves in the first two seasons. This news prompted some fan comments.

The Umbrella Academy follows the Hargreeves siblings’ discovery that not everything is as it seems. In the second season, the siblings began to question everything. They discovered that their parents didn’t always live up to their ideals. They eventually come to an agreement to work together in order to save the world. However, as time passed, they discovered that things weren’t going as planned.


Vanya Hargreeves’ character development has been spectacular during season two. The character has previously been closed off and on narcotics to keep her powers in check, but it is apparent that she is finally embracing her true self. The character is likely to continue this emotional journey during season three of the hit Netflix series.

The other two Umbrella Academy characters are Vanya Hargreeves and Viktor Hargreeves. Vanya’s character has a secret identity. She is also the head of the Umbrella Academy. In addition to being an Umbrella, she is also a violinist. She is a talented musician, but lacks confidence to lead the violin in an orchestra.

The Umbrella Academy season three trailer teases the upcoming appearance of Vanya. Though the trailer does not reveal the character’s identity, it does show that Page will still be playing Viktor before transitioning.

Ben Hargreeves

Ben Hargreeves has been the least recognizable character in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. The show took place in 1960s Dallas and the Umbrella Academy worked to save the world from apocalypse. After successfully completing their mission, the Academy returned to the present day. Afterward, Reginald Hargreeves adopted new superpowered people, which included Ben. The Sparrow Academy is composed of a group of children, including Ben.

Ben’s death is a recurring theme in the series, and it’s not entirely clear how or why his death occurred. This mystery has been hinted at multiple times, but no one knows for sure. The character’s death is a jarring turn for fans of the original Umbrella Academy characters.

Ben is a former superhero who had the ability to create tentacles from an alternate dimension. However, he was extremely sensitive and didn’t like to use his powers as a kid. He wanted to do what was right for his family. The character is also truthful and cares for Klaus.

Ben is genetically identical to Klaus, which makes it difficult to distinguish him from Klaus. He was the reason why the team disbanded in the first place. Moreover, Ben was a compassionate and sensitive child, so his death broke the tyrannical grip that Reginald Hargreeves had on his children. Although Ben was a sensitive child, he hated using his powers to harm people. He was prepared to enter the void when his tragic death occurred, but Klaus urged him to remain in the realm of the living.

Ben’s character evolved over the first season. While he was caring and introverted, his character changed drastically when the Umbrella siblings returned to the future. His experience at Sparrow Academy influenced the way Ben acts in the present and in the future.


After watching the second season of The Umbrella Academy, it is possible that you may wonder: “Which Umbrella Academy character are you?” The show is a hilarious and enchanting black comedy with some amazingly compelling characters. It’s easy to fall in love with the show and its characters.

Each character has unique superpowers that entwine them with one another. You may be like Five, who loves peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches and coffee. You may also be like Klaus, who has a way of speaking with the dead and is an excellent fighter. No matter what kind of Umbrella Academy character you are, you’ll be glad you watched season two!

The Umbrella Academy series has made me a fan of this popular children’s show since it debuted in 2009. This show’s story focuses on the lives of superheroes. While many superheroes are indestructible, each has a flaw. For example, Ben is very helpful and kind, but crossed the line into telling people what to do. He still wants approval, but he gradually loosens up the reins and lets people make their own decisions.

Klaus is a charismatic ENFP who struggles with childhood trauma and a drug addiction. Klaus is prone to impulsivity, which is characteristic of ENFP personality types. He also exhibits a more sensitive side when sober. In addition to his impulsivity, Klaus makes decisions based on his personal values and feelings.

Klaus is an eccentric Pisces with hidden motives and strange ideas. He aligns with Pisces’ creativity and ambition, but he can be cruel and insensitive to children. He also has powers that let him communicate with the dead. This personality trait is an indicator of a deep imagination.


Leonard is a handsome, smart, and charming young man, and his recurring role in The Umbrella Academy is sure to make people laugh. The actor has also appeared in the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black and in the critically acclaimed play, The Front Page. His father is of Italian descent, and he recently made his Broadway debut.

In the original comic books, Leonard Peabody is a different character, though his function is similar to the role played by the character in the Netflix TV series. His first name is Vanya Hargreeves, but in the show, he goes by the more common name Viktor.

Leonard is a character who doesn’t make a big deal of himself. He keeps a low profile in an effort to avoid drawing attention to himself. In addition, he uses a false name to mask his criminal past. Although he is a nice guy, he still cannot fool Allison, and he must remain hidden from the world.

Leonard is an important character in The Umbrella Academy. He is an alias of Harold Jenkins, who had a miserable childhood under the care of his abusive father. His obsession with the academy began when he was young, and he was drawn to the mystical school. He and Leonard also share the same birthday, which is interesting considering that both kids were born supernaturally.

Leonard is a deeply disturbing character. His murder of Vanya’s first-string was unsettling. He also had pictures of The Umbrella Academy with gouged-out eyes. This made it difficult for him to remain calm while Vanya learned to use her powers. He also helped her learn how to protect herself and others.


Actor Elliot Page has announced that his character will transition to a transgender identity in the third season of “The Umbrella Academy.” While his character was previously known as Vanya Hargreeves, he has now come out as transgender and has changed his name to Viktor. The actor has praised the writers for handling the character’s transition well.

Page revealed in a tweet that her character is transgender. She has confirmed that she will continue to star in “The Umbrella Academy” and has updated her previous credits to reflect the new name. Although Variety reported that there were no plans to change the gender of Page’s character in the show, the actress’ tweet indicated that her character would be transitioning. The actress said she was happy to have a supportive fan base.

The character previously referred to as Vanya is introduced as Viktor at the start of Season 3. Although the transition to Viktor is subtle, it connects with the main plot line of Season 2. He finds out that Sissy was married to another man, and he must leave her son Harlan, in order to fix the damage. The Umbrella Academy must learn how to work together and get their lives back to normal. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

The character’s storyline is an important part of the show, especially in Season 3. The series has received praise for its handling of Viktor’s transition. While the show is a fictional series, it does make an effort to reflect the real world issues facing trans people. For example, the show’s creators consulted trans author Thomas Page McBee and GLAAD’s Nick Adams to ensure the character’s portrayal was accurate.