why does blaidd attack you

If Blaidd is attacking you, what is the reason for this behavior? It is possible that you have pushed him past his boundaries, or that you have triggered a situation where he felt threatened by you or your family. If so, it is likely that he acted out of frustration and anger. Whatever the case, there must have been a specific reason why he acted the way he did.


blaidd is a puppet of the Two Fingers

Blaidd is a puppet of two masters. In the first game, he is used to kill the Two Fingers. But when the Greater Will tells him to turn on Ranni, Blaidd refuses to do so. The two masters consider him an anomaly.

Players can summon Blaidd by using his finger snap gesture or a gold summon sign. Then, he will ask for your help in hunting down the traitor Darriwil. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. It will require some practice to summon Blaidd.


The player character must find the weapon that can free Ranni from the Two Fingers’ control. The player character must also defeat the witch Radahn in order to continue the quest line.

He attacks with a sword

Blaidd is a Half-wolf warrior that serves as the faithful shadow of the Lunar Princess Ranni. He wields a sword that swings hugely in front of him. His attacks are very damaging and he can also do additional damage by stabbing you in the back.

Blaidd fights primarily close range, so his attacks can hit hard with Physical or Magic damage. He can cause Frostbite, so be aware of this when fighting him. Wear armor that has a high Robustness rating to reduce this effect. Alternatively, you can use a shield to block his attacks.

Blaidd first appears outside of Ranni’s Rise, after the Lunar Princess questline. He murmurs about how he couldn’t betray Ranni and attacks players who get close to him. Blaidd is a shadow-bound creature, created by Two Fingers and the Greater Will to serve Ranni and be loyal to her. Shadow bound creatures are loyal to their masters and obey their masters.

He uses Mistwood Damages

In order to avoid Blaidd’s attacks, you should have the Finger Snap ability. This is a skill you can learn in the Elden Ring by talking to Merchant Kale in the West Limgrave area. Use this to call out Blaidd when he attacks you.

The first time you come across Blaidd, he will be at the southwest corner of Mistwood. This is a dangerous spot, as lots of wolves live there. The howling is the result of Blaidd. If you are not careful, he will attack you if you attack him.

When a player is near Blaidd, they will hear him howl and summon him. After they speak, they will be able to use the Finger Snap Gesture to summon him. You will then be able to talk to Blaidd and find out where Darriwil is.

He’s difficult to defeat

Defeating Blaidd is an important part of Ranni’s questline, so it’s crucial to have some strategy in place before trying to fight him. While the battle is less difficult than some bosses, you must be able to hit Blaidd with spells and make him fall – and fast! Start by opening the fight with your strongest Spell, then slowly work your way towards the boss with other spells and powerful attacks. As the fight continues, keep casting powerful spells, like Rock Sling. It’s difficult to dodge the Rock Sling. In addition, you should equip the Radagon Icon to give yourself a better chance of defeating Blaidd.

Blaidd is a powerful, relentless opponent. His attacks are often unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared to fight back. Defeating him will grant you a Royal Greatsword, which scales with Intelligence and Strength. The Royal Greatsword also has a powerful Frostbite ability, allowing you to deal massive damage to opponents. You can also pick up his mask in the ruins of the ramparts behind Selivus’s Rise.