what is wrong with you in spanish

Confused. What the hell? It’s the situation. Or the right thing to do? Let us help you find the right answer. Let us help you to know the words in Spanish! We’ll help you to understand the meaning of the words and phrases. This will help you to be comfortable and confident in using them.



Confused is a Spanish word. It is pronounced like “confuso”. Confused in Spanish has been updated on Thu Oct 06, 2022. It has been viewed 2750 times. This page shows the definition of Confused in Spanish. You can learn how to say it and other Spanish phrases.

There are many different ways to say “confused” in Spanish. One common way is to use the verb, confundir. The verb, however, is different in Spanish than in English. It is always followed by a past participle. For example, in English, a person can say “I’m confused.” The direct object pronoun lo also has important uses.


It’s the right thing

Speaking slow in Spanish is a way of saying “talk more slowly” or “speak slower”. This phrase can be used to request that someone speak more slowly than they normally do. The correct way to say this depends on how fast the other person is speaking. For example, in the Spanish phrase “habla mas despacio,” it means “speak slower.”

It’s the hell

There are some common phrases that doctors use to check their patients. “What’s wrong with you?” is one of them. Whether you’re visiting a doctor for the first time or have lived in another country for years, the Spanish language can help you communicate with your doctor. A doctor may also ask you about your favorite foods and how you feel on rainy days.

It’s the situation

When talking about a person, it’s important to remember how to say “it’s the situation with you” in Spanish. There are many ways to say this word. The most common form is “vosotros” in informal situations, but you can also use ustedes in more formal situations. You might hear ustedes a lot in Latin America, but it’s not commonly used in the United States.