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Confundido is a Spanish word that means confused or mixed up. It can also mean spinner, addled, or at sea. Here’s how to pronounce it. If you’re having trouble learning the word, consider using a translation site. You can get a lot of useful information there.


Confundido is a common word in Spanish and is the equivalent of “baffling”. It’s used when a person is baffled. Confusing someone is one of the most common situations in our lives. Learn how to use this word in Spanish and improve your conversational Spanish!

Estas equivocado

Estas equivocada in Spanish means “you are in doubt.” The Spanish verb tener means “to be logically correct.” This is a common mistake for Spanish speakers because it can sound like “equivocal.” However, the Spanish word equivocado has several different meanings.


For example, the word equivocado can refer to a tree in a forest. The tree can be real or not. The tree could also be equivocated if it is real or equivocated if it is in the middle of a forest.

Estas confuso

“Estas confuso” is an idiomatic expression that translates to “You’re confused” in Spanish. It means that someone is “confused” about what to say. In some cases, this could mean that the person is desperate and hasn’t left a message in the proper manner.

The Spanish word for confused, estas confuso, comes from the past participle of the verb confundir. The official Spanish dictionary Diccionario de la lengua espanola does not list confundido as an adjective. Despite this, the word can mean both mistaken and confused.

Estas equivocada

When you hear the phrase “Estas equivocada is wrong” in Spanish, it’s probably not a question you’re asking yourself. It’s a phrase that is used to indicate logical error or correctness. This is different from ‘estas equivocada is right’, which means ‘you’re right’.

Estas confusa

Estas confusa, a shortened form of “you are confused,” means “you are very confused.” But what exactly is this term? In English, it is a Latin phrase that means “you are confounded.” In Spanish, however, it means “confused.”