What is the Name of the Little People on Dressrosa?

Mateus Santos

what is the name of the little people on dressrosa

The Straw Hats, together with the little people known as the “Dressrosas,” set out on a mission to learn about this mysterious land. On their adventure, they encounter beautiful women, tasty foods, and live toys. But they are also at risk of becoming toys.

Riku Dynasty

The Riku Dynasty was originally a kingdom where the little people were part of the population. They were able to protect the island by being invisible. They had been at odds with Donquixote Doflamingo for nine centuries. Doflamingo took back Dressrosa as his kingdom about a decade ago. The Tontatta tribe, on the other hand, is now on the side of the Riku Dynasty and believe the time is right to restore the Riku Dynasty.

The Riku family was not one of the twenty creators of the World Government, but they did make it as rulers of Dressrosa. The Riku family is not a villain, but a benevolent ruler. Riku’s actions in the movie were in contrast to his father’s benevolence.

Although the Riku Dynasty of the Little People was supposed to be conquered long ago, they were not. When Doflamingo attacked the Dressrosa kingdom, Riku refused to fight him and instead demanded a sum of money from him. After Riku paid Doflamingo, he left. Riku’s actions would have made him look like a coward.

In the Riku Dynasty, Riku and Law’s relationship was not the same as it was before. At first, the two were quiet and practical. Despite being opposites in many ways, they were useful and a good ally to have during dangerous times. However, during the Dressrosa arc, their relationship changed.


Rob has come to Dressrosa to open an art store. While there, he meets Linlin and becomes friendly with her. Although she scolds Rob for suspending the One Piece manga, she also praises him for his love of anime. After Rob fights Whitebeard, Linlin becomes closer to Rob. Rob later senses a strong killing intent in the royal palace, so he hid near the building and watched the events.

Scarlet’s power of cloning herself has increased since she has the Devil Fruit. When she was with the Tontatta people, she cloned herself from a long distance. Her clone was at the Tontatta house when Sanji’s Bad News came in. Meanwhile, Law’s DDM rang. He has the news that Doflamingo has abdicated as King of Dressrosa.

The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet is a huge fleet of 56 ships, with four-hundred members. Its commander is Orlumbus the Adventurer, who pledged his loyalty to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet after the events on Dressrosa. He later resigned to become a pirate.

King Riku’s respect in Dressrosa is eroded after Doflamingo appeared in his chambers 10 years ago, demanding a 10 billion Beli ransom. Then he left the island. However, he sent soldiers to the citizens of Dressrosa and demanded money from them. Doflamingo then manipulated the soldiers to attack against their own people. He is waiting to strike at the right time to take over Dressrosa.


Sugar is the name of one of the little people on Dressrosa. She is a cunning little creature who can put up a facade of innocence. She will use various tricks to make people into toys, like crying or offering grapes. She nearly succeeded at this when she offered grapes to Luffy and Law, but Usopp sniped her plant and ruined her plan.

Sugar is a special officer of the Donquixote Pirates’ Trebol Army and a key figure in Doflamingo’s scheme to control Dressrosa. Sugar is also the sister of Monet. Sugar appears to be a young girl, although she is actually ten or twenty years old. She has aquamarine hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a light-colored dress and a cape with bear-like ears.

Sugar was a powerful fighter. Her first battle with Usopp was ambiguous. After she woke up from her daze, Sugar went after Luffy and Law in an attempt to wipe the Donquixote Family from the battlefield. However, Usopp was able to see Sugar from a distance and used his Observation Haki to see her from a greater distance.


The Tontattas are the little people of Dressrosa. They are not mythical tricksters but real people who protect Dressrosa. They have captured the Straw Hats and have a plan to take down Doflamingo. It has been nine centuries since the last of the Riku Dynasty was destroyed and they are determined to do it again.

The Tontattas, also known as Toys, are very strong and tiny. They remind Jon of beetles. Fortunately, Jon isn’t one of them and sends Zetsu to free them. He then decides to make a distraction at Toy House while Luffy and Zoro go help Law. Jon also sends Zetsu to help Usopp and Robin.

After a battle with the dwarves, Robin realizes that her clothes aren’t entirely human. She can use her Devil Fruit power to clone herself long distance. She was surprised that the clone arrived just as Sanji’s Bad News arrived. Fortunately, he also got his DDM with the news that Doflamingo had abdicated.

The Tontattas are the little people of Dressrosa. They are a mysterious race of creatures that live in caves. They are believed to be evil. In their quest to stop the evil forces, they must use their power to save their country. However, they aren’t the only ones who want to make their kingdom safe and prosperous.

Cyrus the Great

Cyrus the Great was a Persian king who conquered Babylon and the Persian Empire. He was born to the King of Anshan, Cambyses I, and his queen Mandane, the daughter of Astyages the King of Media. Cyrus lived between 600 and 599 BCE. His son Cambyses II succeeded him, and he was buried with his cloak, jewels, and weapons.

Cyrus the Great was known as a very tolerant ruler who treated his subjects with respect. He also allowed people to practice their religion and worship local deities. The empire he built was so large and prosperous that it lasted over two hundred years. Cyrus’ tolerant approach to his subjects was documented on the Cyrus Cylinder, a long clay cylindrical object containing details of his conquest and decisions to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Babylon.

The little people on Dressrosa are a powerful species that believe in justice. Cyrus often reads the book titled “Justice and Faith,” but does not know who the author is. King David never told Cyrus to read this book, and the author is not from Dressrosa.

Cyrus the Great was born in 580 BC in Persia. His father was Cambyses I of Anshan. He founded the Achaemenian Empire, which included much of the Near East. He had to contend with warring tribes in the region and was forced to bow down to the Median King. A myth arose that he would overcome the greatness of his father in the near future.

Cyrus the Great was the second-most powerful man on Dressrosa. He had a weapon attached to his leg, but it was broken. Cyrus then asked about David’s condition. David was a good swordsman with decent combat power. He had almost slashed Doflamingo’s head with a sword when he had no legs. Naturally, he will find a person who can make him a mechanical leg.