what is luffys true dream

The question of what is Luffy’s true dream has a simple answer: it’s simple. After all, he’s been living it since he was a child, and it has to be something that a child would dream of. However, the answer to this question is much more complex than it first appears.



Almost since the beginning of the series, Luffy has been having a secret dream. Speculations abound about what the dream could be, from uniting the seas to throwing a huge party. The answer to this question has varied from the simple to the incredibly complex.

The first reaction of everyone was disbelief and surprise. Ace was sure that Luffy was crazy, so he thought his dream was absurd. The two other main characters, Nami and Jinbe, both reacted with shock. Neither of them could believe that Luffy was imagining anything.


Nevertheless, there are a few hints of what the secret dream was. The first clue came from Chapter 506, where Rayleigh thought of Shanks’s reference to a child with the same scribbles as Roger. The importance of this thought will be revealed later in the series.

While it is difficult to say which of these dreams are true, both of them are based on a common dream that Luffy has. He wishes to become a Pirate King. However, this dream requires him to achieve certain prerequisites. In other words, the dream is absurd and childish.

Aside from his true dream, he also dreams of becoming a Marine Admiral. The first part of the dream involves drawing a world map. But the next part of the dream involves a trip to the New World. Here, Luffy and his crew will discover the island of Punk Hazard, a secret island in the ocean.

Upon completing the journey, Luffy and his crew make a detour to the Sabaody Archipelago. During the trip, Luffy will encounter Silvers Rayleigh. Rayleigh’s advice will help Luffy decide to see the world first. The two will take their time. This will allow One Piece to elaborate on the theme of friendship. In the end, Luffy will finish his journey by collecting all the Road Poneglyphs.

Red-Haired Shanks

Red-Haired Shanks, also known as Shanks, is a character in the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and is considered to be one of the most powerful pirates in the world. His primary weapon is a sword called the Gryphon. In addition to being extremely strong, Shanks also has scars on his left eye from an attack by Blackbeard.


The truth behind Luffy’s dream is still unknown to us, but we know that it involves the Straw Hats. In fact, the Straw Hats seem to react differently to the secret dream than the rest of the characters do. For example, Sabo seems to want everyone to be free. While Luffy hasn’t revealed his dream to the rest of his friends, he has revealed it to his brothers Ace and Sabo.

Whitebeard is one of the strongest pirates in the “One Piece” timeline, and he has the potential to be the next Pirate King. As a result, he is the ideal man for Luffy to bond with. Furthermore, he considers his crew to be his “sons,” making them a family unit.

Originally, he had five members, but eventually expanded his crew to fifteen. He was eventually betrayed by Ace, and the two fight. Blackbeard defeats both Ace and Crocodile. Later, he becomes one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and later, he resigns from his role.

However, he has another dream. He wants to bring joy to the world. The SH crew could even become successors to the Joy Boys, and they could call themselves the Joy Crew. Ultimately, however, he will not be a hero, but a criminal. He may even become the next Whitebeard.

The Straw Hats gain another fleet. They now have a Grand Fleet, consisting of over five thousand pirates. But Luffy is displeased with being the commander of the fleet. So he organizes the new army so that they can act independently of one another, when one crew is in trouble.


Luffy has been thinking of his true dream for a long time. He has a deep love for food and a desire to explore the world. This dream is similar to the dreams of his older brothers, Ace and Sabo, who swore to become pirates. Both hoped to be a Pirate King or a renowned pirate.

But there’s more to Luffy’s dream than chasing treasure. In his dream, he is free and he will never run out of places to go, people to meet, or strong guys to punch. He will meet the people of his people and learn their real history. He will break free from centuries of tyranny and learn the history of freedom.

Luffy’s dream is not unlike the dreams of Sanji, and Sanji is shocked when he realizes it is the same as his own. In fact, he’s also dreaming about the All Blue ocean, and he has great respect for it. This moment is especially special to the other characters, as they react to this development with shock.

Luffy’s dream to become a Pirate King is not a bad one, but he isn’t just aiming for a title. He wants to be free to make his own choices. He’s always wanted to be a pirate, but his dream has never really come true.

Luffy’s family is extremely powerful, and his roots are deep and diverse. His ancestry is linked to many of the world’s greatest warriors, pirates, and leaders. His family is also connected to many powerful people and organizations.


Luffy is an adventurer and a foodie, and his food obsession is a recurring theme in the series. The question is, could he achieve his dream? It is possible, as his idealistic perspective on life suggests. Throughout the series, food obsessions appear to be a solution to many problems, and they may even be the solution to the riddle in general.