what is lucky relic

If you are wondering what is lucky relic and how it works, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for information about the Figa, Auric Malediction curse, and Golden Mask. All of these are used to increase the chances of getting Hazelmere’s Signet Ring.


Auric Malediction curse

This curse lowers the amount of gold that you spend on fueling your relics and reduces dmg taken by 25%. While this effect can be crippling early in the game, it can prove to be a useful buff in later stages. It also reduces damage taken from all sources by 25%. Generally, Auric Malediction is not a bad choice for raiding or battling bosses, though it will cost you a bit of gold.

Golden Mask

The Golden Mask is an artifact that can be found in several different places throughout the Stardew Valley area. You can use this item to make clothes, gold coins, and more. You can also donate it to the community. However, you cannot use this item in any quests. It is useful for tailoring, but not as useful as a lucky relic.


This relic will grant the wearer twenty0% of damage taken as gold. It will also reduce the effects of the Auric Malediction curse, reducing your health loss by 25%. In addition to these benefits, the Golden Mask can also be used to make a golden hat. It will also work as a yellow dye.

Auric Malediction loses 25% of gold

Auric Malediction is an in-game curse that causes your character to lose 25% of his gold each time he takes damage. It can be a crippling effect in the early game, but it can also be a useful buff later on. It also doesn’t require you to spend any gold to keep your relics powered up, making it an excellent choice for late-game runs.