how to remove a curse

If you feel that you are being cursed, there are several ways to remove the curse. Some of these include using a Spellbook to remove a curse, using herbs on fire, using copper, and using money mojo bags. If you’re unsure of how to remove a curse, you can read this article to learn about some common ways to do so.


Spellbook of remove curse

The Spellbook of Remove Curse is a book that contains a spell called remove curse. It is a clerical spell, which takes 12 actions to learn. This spell is useful when someone is under a curse and is unable to heal themselves. It is a powerful spell and is best suited for priests and wizards.

This spell removes the curse from an object or person. The spell works by breaking the connection between the cursed item and its owner. The target’s actions will be normal, and the curse will not recur if it’s on an item. However, it won’t remove a curse on an item that is already cursed.


When casting the Spellbook of Remove Curse, you need to know the level of the object you are cursing. This spell has no damage, but it can reduce the negative effects of a cursed weapon or item. It is a 4th level spell for magic users and a 3rd level spell for clerics.

The first spell in the Spellbook of Remove Curse is a resuscitation and protection spell. The book lists three items that are cursed: a cursed sword with a -2 rating, a cursed scroll with 5 different effects, and a cursed ring known as the ring of weakness. This ring cannot be removed without the Spellbook of Remove Curse.

This spell can also remove curses from living vampires. However, if you use the Spellbook of Remove Curse to remove curses on undead, you must make sure to put the undead down first. If you’re unable to do this, you can use standard revival magic.

Once you’ve made this choice, you should make a small offering. This offering should be made to the person or object you want to remove the curse from. This is a good idea, since it gives the spellbook more power than it would otherwise have. If the curse is on an item, this spell will break the attunement with the item’s owner. The curse can be removed or discarded.

Using herbs on fire

To remove a curse, you can burn herbs in a ritual bath. These herbs have cleansing properties and are even more potent when burned together. You must make sure to tie them with a thread to ensure their effectiveness. You can also burn sage, which has a very strong cleansing power. Sage is also useful to burn between your clothes to protect yourself from evil spirits.

Using money mojo bags

If you are suffering from a curse, you may use money mojo bags to remove it. These items are believed to help you attract money and abundance. These mojo bags may contain a lock of hair, a fingernail clipping, lipstick blotted Kleenex, a photo, and a signature. Using these items may remove the curse and help you find the job you are looking for.

Before you begin using a money mojo bag to remove a curse, you should know what you’re doing. You should never attempt to use a mojo bag on your own. While many people try to use them, most of them don’t work. You should consult a professional or a psychic before performing these methods.

The mojo bag is a staple of Hoodoo and many other magical traditions. This flannel bag holds magical items and is commonly red, although there are some practitioners who use other colors for their mojo bags. It is also called a nation sack or a conjure bag. Although most mojo bags are attributed to Hoodoo, they have also found their way into contemporary Shamanic groups.

Mojo bags are often empowered by putting incense in them, which helps attract the desired outcome. You can buy a mojo bag at an herbalist’s shop. You can even find mojo bags blessed by a local santero. While the preparation process is different for every practitioner, there are some steps you need to follow in order to make a successful mojo bag.

You can either use a money mojo bag to remove a curse or use one to remove a curse. You can wear a mojo bag around your neck or under your shirt. You should wear it until you see the desired result. You should use it once a week for the first month.