what is a spacedock fondue pot

If you have ever wondered what is a Space Dock Fondue, you are not alone. There are many different types of fondues, so it can be confusing to know which one to get. In this article, you’ll learn what a Space Dock fondue is and some of the slang terms associated with fondue pots.


Synonyms for fondue pot

Space Dock fondue pot is a popular term that has multiple meanings. According to an article in the Urban Dictionary, it refers to a fondue pot reminiscent of the classic Space Dock Z X. A Space Dock fondue pot is used during a party as a part of an activity. Typically, this activity involves a male character with watery diarrhea spitting into a female’s vagina, while other males in the party lick her feces-covered penis.

The Urban Thesaurus lists slang synonyms for space dock fondue. Some of the top slang terms include great mackinaw, fondue, and fon-don’t. In total, there are 1325 synonyms for space dock fondue.


Slang terms for fondue pot

Fondue pots come in many varieties and there are many slang terms associated with them. A good resource for finding new words for your fondue pot is the Urban Thesaurus. It has over 1140 synonyms for spacedock fondue. Here are the top five: fon-don’t, ups party, great mackinaw, and fondue.

Space Dock fondue is a variation on the classic Space Dock Z X and is generally reserved for party situations. This version of the classic fondue game involves a man with watery diarrhea spitting in a woman’s vagina and licking her feces covered penis.

Space Dock fondue is a laxative fondue in which a male with watery diarrhea spits into a woman’s vagina and creates a Space Dock Fondue Pot. Other males in the party dip a pole into the pot and lick her penis.