You’ve heard of the Space Dock Fondue, but what is it? Generally reserved for parties, Space Dock Fondue involves a male shitting watery diarrhea in a woman’s vagina and creating a feces-covered pot. Other males at the party dip a pole into the pot and lick the woman’s dicks.

Laxative fondue

The Space Dock laxative fondue pot has more than one meaning. It is often used during parties to create a playful sexy scene. Males in the party dip a pole into the feces-covered pot and then lick the penis of a woman. The result is a wacky laxative fondue that is sure to make your guests squirm with laughter.


The Space Dock laxative fondue pot is a party staple. The idea behind it is simple: men give a woman a watery diarrhea and then use a long pole to dip into the pot. Then, they take turns dipping their penis into the feces-covered pot and then licking her penis. It’s not a romantic gesture, but it can be a fun way to bond with your partner.

Variation of the classic Space Dock Z X

Space Dock fondue is a term that has multiple meanings. The term itself evokes the classic Space Dock Z X and has been used as a slang word for fondue in the entertainment world. It has been used in various ways to refer to party-going, including as a game where the males in the party lick a female’s penis, which has been covered with feces.


This laxative fondue is created by a male who spits watery diarrhea into the vagina. When the party is complete, males dip their poles into the dipping liquid and then lick the woman’s penis. The laxative effect is highly stimulating and is perfect for a sexy night out!

Common slang words for fondue pot

A Space Dock Fondue Pot is a type of fondue pot that’s normally reserved for parties. The process is simple: a male shits watery diarrhea into a woman’s vagina, creating the “fondue pot.” The male then dips a hard pole into the pot, and the female licks his penis to get rid of the feces.

There are many terms for Space Dock fondue pot, some of which are offensive or simply based on the game’s theme. A slang dictionary named Urban Thesaurus has over 1140 synonyms for the word. It may surprise you to learn that the Space Dock fondue pot isn’t as uncommon as it seems.

Another slang word for this fondue pot is “scot free.” It’s an acronym for the phrase “Dred Scott,” and refers to the Segway Human Transporter. The phrase ‘Scot Free’ was even used by the manufacturers of a Segway Human Transporter.