mitsubishi a700 error codes

A700-series inverters are known for the common E6 and E7 error codes. These codes indicate different types of damage in the inverter and are caused by different parts. These types of damage include pulse transformer, switch FET, start-up resistor and rectifier diode damage.


Problems with Mitsubishi FR-A700

Mitsubishi FR-A700 series comes with real sensor less vector control and a high-performance driving capability. This means that you can save a lot of energy while driving. One of the major factors that consume energy is the drive motor, which occupies a lot of space and requires special cooling facilities. Mitsubishi FR-A700 series comes with regenerative braking system, which is more efficient than traditional drive systems. This system helps you save energy and has a simple installation.

The Mitsubishi inverter comes with an installation guide and a CD ROM. The manuals provide installation instructions in five different languages. This means that you can install the inverter in Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian. The manual also shows the proper way to install the inverter, with instructions in both directions.


Common faults with Mitsubishi FR-A800

The Mitsubishi FR-A800 variable-frequency drive features a powerful data-logging capability. The machine has the ability to monitor up to eight variables and can record them on a USB memory stick. It is fully integrated with Mitsubishi Electric iQ Works programming software. Its operator panel is easy-to-use, and it features an optional LCD display. It also offers three expansion slots for expanding its applications.

Typical error codes for Mitsubishi FR-A700

The Mitsubishi FR-A700 series frequency inverters are capable of combining innovative functions and reliable technology to deliver maximum power, flexibility, and economy. As a result, they are well suited for demanding applications. The inverter has a high degree of precision and is able to calculate the optimal magnetic flux for each operating state. It is also capable of using encoders and DC drives to achieve ultra-precise speed across the entire control range.