how to make a double macrame plant hanger

If you are looking for a unique way to display your plant collection, you can create a double macrame plant hanger. This type of macrame plant hanger has two levels and is made of mostly half knots and square knots. To make one of these plant hangers, you will need 16 four-yard cords. Fold eight of the cords in half and tie them together in the middle.



If you are new to macrame, an easy double macrame plant hanger is a great project to start with. The pattern is simple, and you can create one with different sizes and shapes of plant pots. All you need is a length of 150cm/59 inches of jersey, 8 cords, and one overhand knot.

The macrame cord should be soft and easy to tie knots with. You can use cotton cords, twine, jute, hemp, or any other soft fabric that can be tied into knots. How long you want the cords to be will depend on the size of the planter.


Another great idea is to use multi-colored yarn for the plant hanger. This makes it look more complex than it is. You can also add wooden beads or glass beads for added interest. You can also use white cord if you want a more natural look. Or you can try a combination of white and multi-colored cord.

You can make a double macrame plant hanger using different types of materials. The plant hanger is a great way to display plants in your home. You can use your favorite cords, braids, and floral wire. You can even use a combination of different materials, like brass tubes and floral wire. If you’re a beginner, you can take advantage of free patterns and guides to get started. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll find that macrame is a great craft material to have around.

An easy double macrame plant hanger is easy to make. This DIY project can be completed in less than an hour. It requires just a few materials and is suitable for complete beginners. Several pieces of 12 foot cord will be needed. Be sure to fold the cord in half at the center. A trigger ring and scissors will also be necessary. You can also use gold leaf or paint to personalize your macrame plant hanger.


An inexpensive double macrame plant hanger is a beautiful addition to your living space. The plant hanger is made with doubled cords that attach to a ring that either is wooden or metal. The macrame patterns vary in length and the number of knots is dependent on the size of the pot. Some cords are harder than others and require more cord to knot than others. A 3-strand twisted cotton rope will take more cord to knot than a single-strand cotton string.

This macrame plant hanger is an excellent choice for small potted plants and can be used inside or outside. Plants with the proper moisture and light requirements are best for hanging planters. Some plants are better suited for macrame plant hangers than others. The best plant to use for this type of plant hanger is an air plant, also known as a Tillandsia. This plant is low maintenance and non-toxic.

This macrame plant hanger measures 35 inches and includes a hanging basket. The basket is made of metal rings and lined with plastic. It can hold a small pot or direct plant roots. The only drawback is that there are no drainage holes in the basket. If you want a hanging basket without drainage holes, you can use a wooden plant pot.

Macrame plant hangers are easy to make at home. You can use a hook to hang them or you can tape them to a table or wall. For this project, you will need 8 pieces of 12 feet of cord. One of these pieces should be folded in half in the middle. The remaining pieces of string should be four feet in length.


If you are new to macrame and are interested in adding a personal touch to your room, a double macrame plant hanger is an excellent project to start. This pattern is easy to follow and will give you a beautiful plant hanger for your home. It comes in five different colors and is perfect for novice knotters.

Macrame is a fun craft to do with children and can be taught to anyone who loves plants. After learning the basic macrame knots, this project is easy to complete. This hanger uses the square, larks head, and gathering knots.

The first step of this project is to cut two cords the same length and tie them together with a square knot. You will need approximately 150cm of cord for this project. Once you’ve finished this step, you will need to tie another square knot seven cm down from the previous group. You can now place a pot on top of the second group of four strands. This knot will secure the top of the hanger.

Once you have the basic macrame plant hanger finished, you can hang it from a hook or attach it to a table. It’s easy to make a macrame plant hanger at home. You’ll need at least eight pieces of 12 foot cord to complete the project. Remember to fold the cord in half at the center so that it will not pull out of the wall. You can also use an S hook to hang your macrame plant hanger from an existing piece of furniture.

This project can be completed quickly and is a great way to practice your macrame skills. It is inexpensive, fun, and can be a great accessory for your room. As you continue to practice, you’ll find other uses for macrame. You can make hanging plant holders, wall hangings, and other fun macrame projects.


If you’re looking for a great DIY project for your home, you can create your own macrame plant hanger. Making macrame hanging planters is a popular craft these days, and it’s a fun way to display your favorite plants!

The key to creating a double macrame plant hanger is to use two cords instead of one. This way, you can hang two pots above each other without worrying about them being loose. And you don’t need a macrame hoop to make a macrame plant hanger with double cords.

You can make a macrame plant hanger that fits a variety of pot sizes. Pots up to 10 inches should work. Some plants that look good in macrame hangers are spider plants and pothos plants. You can also use a larger plant pot or a mason jar if you want to display a large amount of plants on your macrame hanger.

For the beginner, macrame knots can be intimidating. It’s better to start by learning the basic knots and techniques. Then, you can progress to more advanced techniques and designs. YouTube has some fantastic tutorials to get you started. These tutorials will make macrame look easy!

If you’re unsure of the exact length of cord needed, use a tape measure to estimate how long you’ll need. Some macrame patterns will specify a specific cord length when you’re just starting. However, using a longer cord than the pattern specifies can add to your creativity.

Great for making use of all your space

Macrame plant hangers are a beautiful, natural way to display your plants. They can be made to hold several different sizes of pots, from small to large. A medium macrame plant hanger is perfect for pots that are up to 10 inches wide. These hangers can also accommodate larger pots, such as a mason jar.

Macrame plant hangers are easy to make and can accommodate a variety of pots, from flower pots to succulents. You can choose from a variety of materials for your macrame plant hanger, including rope and rustic twine.

Macrame plant hangers are the perfect way to showcase your favorite greenery. Not only will they add texture and life to a room, but they won’t take up much room in your home. You can also make double macrame plant hangers to accommodate two different planters. You can use different colored cords to enhance your hanger, and you can add decorative accents such as tassels and hex nuts.

Macrame plant hangers are great for making any room more colorful and interesting. They work well with indoor plants, including succulents and other succulents. You can even put your favorite potted plant in a small macrame pot and place it on a macrame plant hanger to maximize space. And because macrame is thick and durable, it can hold plants of any size.