How to Get Oak Resin in Stardew Valley

Mateus Santos

how to get oak resin stardew valley

Oak Resin is an essential item in Stardew Valley. This substance is used in multiple Recipes, Bundles, and Quests, making it vital for the player to collect as much of it as possible. It is possible to farm a large number of trees to increase the production rate of Oak Resin.

However, you will have to be careful with this resource, as the more you farm, the higher your yield will be. To get oak resin, you must first kill Haunted Skulls, which act similar to serpents or bats. They will screech to warn you of their presence, so you should stay still and carefully take them out. Remember that only 1.3% of them drop oak resin.

Once you have collected enough wood, you should go to the next area and try to tap an Oak Tree. You should be able to harvest the Oak Resin after seven to eight days. You can also try using the Heavy Tapper, which can produce twice as much resin in the same amount of time.

Stardew Valley is a game with a beautiful world covered with beautiful trees. You will be able to use wood and resin from these trees as crafting materials. However, it is important to know what kinds of trees are available to you and how much you need for them. You can read our FAQ to find out more.