Blaze Ashes can be gotten by mobdrops when you kill blaze mobs in crimson isle or bosses in the Hypixel Skyblock. In crystal hollows, Mobs, Minibosses and Magma Bosses like Blade Soul drop Blazes and may leave behind blaze ashes when they die. You can then use the blaze ashes to complete Elle’s quest. The crimson isle is typically where to find blaze ashes. If you’re a fan of the game Minecraft, then you’ve probably heard of Hypixel Skyblock. It’s a popular game mode that allows players to Mine, Collect, and Build their way to glory.

How to use Blaze Ashes

How To Get Blaze Ashes

Assuming you have a Nether Wart Farm:

1. Craft some Blaze Rods from the Blaze Rods you get from slaying Blazes.
2. Right-click on the ground with a Blaze Rod to start a small fire.
3. Place your Nether Wart in the small fire.
4. Once the Nether Wart is cooked, craft it into Blaze Powder.
5. Find some Coal Ore and mine it with your pickaxe.
6. Collect at least 8 pieces of Coal and smelt them in a furnace to make Coal Nuggets.
7. Combine blaze powder and coal nuggets in a crafting grid to make Blaze Ashes

How to get blaze ashes on crimson isle

how to get blaze ashes

Blaze ashes can be obtained when they drop from [Lv110] Millenia-Aged Blazes  and Lv95] Smoldering Blazes in Hypixel Skyblock. The most effective method is to simply kill blazes and loot their bodies for blaze rods, but this can be a bit time-consuming. Another option is to purchase a spawner from the Auction House and set it up in your Blaze Farm – this method requires an initial investment but can be very profitable if done correctly. Finally, if all else fails, you can always purchase Blaze Rods from other players on the Auction House.

  • Method 1: The first method is to simply kill blazes. While this may seem like an obvious solution, it’s actually the most effective way to get blaze ashes. Not only will you be earning some valuable coins from killing blazes, but you’ll also have a chance to loot their bodies for blaze rods, which can be used to make arrows or sold for a tidy profit. The drop rate for blaze rods is about 1% per kill, so keep killing those blazes until you get lucky!
  • Method 2: Try your hand at farming blaze spawners. This method requires a bit more of an investment, as you’ll need to purchase a spawner from the auction house and set it up in your Blaze Farm, but it can be well worth it if you’re able to get a good drop rate. Spawners can be bought for around 50-100k coins, and the average drop rate for blaze rods is about 2% per spawner cycle. So if you’re able to farm 200 blaze spawners, you should end up with around 4 blaze rods – not too shabby!
  • Method 3: Finally, if all else fails, you can always purchase blaze rods from other players on the Auction House. This is generally the most expensive method of obtaining blaze rods, as they typically sell for 200-300k coins each, but it’s also the most reliable. If you have the coins to spare, buying Blaze Rods from the Auction House is definitely the way to go.

In the game of Minecraft, Blaze Ashes are a valuable item that can be used to create powerful potions. However, they are also very dangerous to obtain. This is because Blaze mobs have a chance to spawn when a player Mine coal blocks.

When a Blaze mob spawns, it will shoot fireballs at the player and set them on fire if they are not wearing proper armor. If the player is not careful, they can easily die from the fire damage or fall into lava pits.

To avoid this, it is important for players to wear proper armor and be cautious when mining coal blocks. If a Blaze does spawn, it is important to kill it quickly before it can do too much damage. Players should also keep a bucket of water handy in case they catch on fire.


Minibosses in crimson isle – kill them to get blaze ashes

  • Bladesoul: Deep in the heart of the Crimson Isle lies the Stronghold, a fortress guarded by a mighty dragon known as Bladesoul. This fearsome creature has 50,000,000 ❤ health, making it one of the most powerful bosses in the game. It spawns in the stronghold every 5 minutes after it is killed, making it a difficult foe to defeat. However, those who are brave enough to face Bladesoul will be richly rewarded, as it drops some of the best loot in the game. 
  • Magma Boss: The Magma Boss is a fearsome creature that lurks in the Magma Chamber.The Magma Boss has 200,000,000 health points, making it one of the toughest foes in crimson isle
  • Mage Outlaw: The Mage Outlaw is one of the most powerful enemies in crimson isle. After it dies, a new one will spawn every 5 minutes with 70 million health!
  • Barbarian Duke X: The Barbarian Duke X spawns every 5minutes among the Barbarians on Crimson Isle. The Barbarian Duke X is only vulnerable when inside the Flame Domain, a circle of particles around part of The Dukedom. It will normally run towards nearby players, and can cause 4,500 Damage on hit.
  • Ashfang: Ashfang spawns 4 of each of its minions. When any of these minions is killed, they drop a Blazing Soul worth 2,000,000 health.

Final words

Blaze ashes are the key ingredient in making supernatural weapons in Hypixel Skyblock. These powerful tools can only be crafted by those with the right level of skill and experience, and they’re not easy to come by.

Obtaining blaze ashes

Blaze ashes are obtained by killing blazes, which are hostile mobs that spawn in the Nether. Blazerod is the best way to get blaze ashes, as it has a chance of dropping two per kill. Other methods include using a Blaze Spawner or looting chests in the Nether Fortress.

Once you have some blaze ashes, you’ll need to combine them with other materials to create your desired weapon. For example, adding blaze ashes to a sword will give it the ability to set enemies on fire. Be creative and experiment with different combinations to find out what works best for you!