You can obtain Blaze Ashes in crimson isle as mob drops in Hypixel Skyblock . When you kill Minibosses and the Magma Boss e.g blade soul, they drop blaze ashes which you can collect to complete Elle’s quest.



  • These ash-like materials can be used to craft various items, including the Blaze Belt and Hot Bait.
  • In addition, Blaze Ashes can also be used to upgrade the Stats of various items. For example, you can use Blaze Ashes to enhance the Stats of Malik, Rampart Armor, Igor, Alwin. and the Enrager.

Where can you find Blaze Ashes In Hypixel Skyblock

In order to get blaze ashes, you need to be located where the blazes drop from crimson island stronghold in lv70 and private island generated by blaze minions. You can obtain blazes as they fall or when you kill a Barbarian Duke X, Ashfang, or magma boss.

What can you use Blaze Ashes for?

You need  x3 Blaze Ashes in order to complete Elle‘s quest in the Stronghold. In addition to this, Blaze Ashes can be used to craft the Blaze Belt and Mycelium Dust. It is in important to get blaze ashes in order to craft items that will shield you from blazes. For example, Blazes shoot fireballs at you and set you on fire in the game. If you touch blazes, they’ll also inflict serious damage so you don’t want to do that. A Blaze can also fly away to stay out of your reach. Blaze ashes were added to the Alpha Hypixel Network in February, 2022.



Chance to drop from Blazes in the Crimson Isle

If you’re looking for more blazes, you can hunt down Blazes in the Crimson Isle. While most of these creatures are low level, you can still obtain their rare drops. The Crimson Isle is a hostile place that features 5 mini-bosses who tower over the others in power. Bladesoul, an enormous wither skeleton, once defeated the strongest Blaze in its stronghold. Barbarian Duke X, a Piglin, gained immense power but also lost his sanity. The Mage Outlaws, meanwhile, are energy-seeking creatures with enormous strength.

Things you can craft with blaze ashes

There are a number of ways to obtain Blaze Ashes in the Minecraft skyblock. You can use them to craft a variety of items. For instance, you can make a Blaze Belt, Hot Bait, Mycelium Dust, and other items with them. Furthermore, you can use them to upgrade the Stats of different items. This means that you can use them to enhance the Stats of items like the Rampart Armor, Enrager, and others.

How To Get Blaze Ashes

The best method to obtain Blaze Ashes is to get them from blazes. These creatures drop them when you kill them, but if you kill them from other sources, their drop rate will be zero. These items are also useful for crafting a Brewing Stand. You can even use them to make powerful potions. In addition, a Blaze Rod is an essential crafting material for many other useful recipes.

What are Mutated Blaze Ashes

Mutated Blaze Ashes are uncommon Items that you can obtain by killing Lv70 Mutated Blaze on the Crimson Isle. These ashes can be used to craft a Scourge Cloak and also upgrade many items in the Blacksmith. Among these items are the Blaze Belt, Vanquished Blaze Belt, Enrager, and more.

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