why does xinyan have a southern accent

The accent of Xinyan is intriguing. Her appearance and voice may hint that she is a tan asian musician. Or, she may be mixed. It is impossible to tell for sure, as this video is just a brief demo. We will have to wait until Genshin Impact version 1.2 for more in-depth character spotlights.


Xinyan’s accent suggests she’s an aspiring musician

Although Xinyan’s southern accent makes her sound like a typical aspiring musician, there’s more to this girl than meets the eye. She’s clean and tidy, but she also has a strange phobia: cowering when she’s near a frog. This phobia may be a sign of a more serious underlying problem, as Xinyan has never played the guitar before.

Xinyan has a unique ability: she has pyro vision, which means she can use fire in her performances. During her shows, she often sets the stage on fire. The Millelith are constantly trying to stop her from doing this, but have come to enjoy her music.


She’s a tan asian

If you’ve been following Xinyan in the game, you know that she has a southern accent, which she’s inherited from her tan skin and exposure to the sun. This was a major step for tan asians, who are underrepresented in the game. But people still claim that she is black, even though she’s tan.

She’s a musician

Xinyan has a southern accent because of her background as a musician. Her native Liyue is not a place where heavy music is popular, so she plays classical instruments. It’s impossible for her to buy guitars, so she makes all of her own instruments and the stage she performs on. Luckily, she has a pyro vision that allows her to use fire during her performance. This ability has earned her the nickname “pyro vision”.

Xinyan is a rockstar from Liyue who sings in a southern accent. Her moves include a Pyro shield and an AOE Pyro move. Her ultimate move also looks like an AOE Pyro move.

She might be mixed

Although it is unknown if Xinyan is mixed, her appearance resembles that of a black person with long wavy hair. She also has bright orange undersides, and her outfit is similar to that of a rocker. She usually wears a black tank top, white shorts, and a red vest. The right leg of her shorts is also adorned with a black and red ribbon. In addition, she usually carries a white square ruan.

Xinyan loves to perform for her fans. She also plays bass in the band of musician Zayne. Even though her musical skills are not the best, she has a fiery personality. While she doesn’t follow tradition, Xinyan tries her best to follow her passion. If you ask her about her music style, she’s a fan of rock ‘n’ roll and has performed for her fans. Though she doesn’t have any formal training in music, she is willing to encourage anyone who shows interest.

Xinyan is one of the most versatile dps units in the game. She has a high base attack and a high defense stat. In addition to her high attack and defense, she also has high scaling and a strong burst attack. She can serve as a main dps or a sub carry. She has a high burst damage and is versatile enough to play with a variety of heroes.