which turning red character are you

If you’re looking to make friends, the best thing you can do is figure out which character from Turning Red you are! There are many different characters to choose from. Some people like Mei, some like Abby, and some like Miriam. Luckily, we have a quiz for you!



When the teenage girl Mei wakes up one morning, she is shocked to find that she is transforming into a giant red panda. Luckily, the transformation isn’t permanent. It only occurs during a time of high emotion. When Mei is in her human form, her hair remains red.

Mei’s family curse has caused her to change into a red panda when she is under stress. She has a hard time adjusting to her new identity, and she fears that no one will accept her new self. This internal conflict leads to a strong message about the importance of accepting your differences. Eventually, Mei’s friends come to her aid, comforting her and giving her a hug.


Mei’s best friend, Miriam (Ava Morse), is a loyal and caring friend. Though Ming considers her a bad influence, she is actually a good friend and a great source of support for Mei. She is the first to tell Mei that she is loved no matter what she looks like, and she is the one to help her get past her anger when Mei misses a concert.

As Mei’s friendship with Miriam grows, she reveals a deeper level of caring and affection for Mei. Miriam also admits that she loves Mei despite her fake obsession with boys. The movie focused on the friendship between Mei and her friend Miriam, which could suggest that she is secretly in love with Mei.

Mei’s relationship with her mother has improved since she learns that her mother’s perfectionism is the result of the mother-daughter bond they share. She also finds out that Ming’s perfectionist tends to be her mother’s fault. As a result, Mei and her mother have learned to accept their red panda transformations as a growing pain and learn to appreciate each other.

Ultimately, “Turning Red” is a movie that emphasizes the value of supportive female relationships. It is currently available on digital platforms and will be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD. In addition, it is streaming on Disney+.


Fans of the movie ‘Abby Turning Red’ have pointed out many similarities between the two characters. Both wear purple and pink clothing, and both sport sleek, dark fringe. Additionally, the flowers on Abby’s outfit are very similar to the ones on Boo’s door. Although Shi did not deny the similarities, she did acknowledge that the characters are not the same.

The animated movie is packed with Easter Eggs and references to other Pixar projects. One popular theory suggests that Abby is the teenage Boo from Monsters Inc., and the movie is centered around a female friendship. In addition, the movie references Toronto in the early 2000s. The Easter Eggs in Turning Red include references to Toronto and other Pixar movies.

The character of Abby is voiced by Hyein Park. While the movie doesn’t confirm or deny that Abby has Down’s syndrome, it does reference a child with diabetes, which is a common condition in children. The film also makes reference to a young girl wearing a diabetes patch.

Abby is a fun-loving, spirited character who loves her friends. However, she has a temper and is sometimes aggressive. In one scene, she punched Mei and kicked a piece of crumbled paper at someone. Her intelligence is not particularly high, and sometimes she provides inaccurate information. Despite her short temper, Abby is also helpful. She loves hugs and gives her best to help Mei. When she’s in red panda mode, Abby also wants to give Mei her 4Town ticket.

The cast is mostly Canadian. The film stars Canadian actor Domee Shi, who won the Oscar for the Pixar short Bao. The film also features cultural consultants from Toronto’s Chinatown. It also features Toronto’s skyline. In Toronto, the film passes through Kensington Market and Daisy Mart convenience stores. The Timbits donut box is also seen in the movie.


As far as friendships go, Mei and Miriam are close, although their relationship does occasionally seem to be romantic. They both share the characteristics of tomgirls, and there is a sense of attraction between the two. While Miriam has a crush on Mei, she also comforts her when she is turning red.

As she waits for Mei to arrive, Miriam notices that Mei is acting odd. She confronts Tyler about Mei’s love for Devon and backtalks the student who asks her, “What’s wrong with her?” She also informs Mei that her mom is outside. Mei then transforms into a red panda and blows pink smoke into the air, catching Miriam off guard.

Although Miriam does not like boys, she seems to care more about Mei than about boys. She has more empathy for Mei, and many viewers connected with her. However, Mei’s mother considers her to be strange and believes that Miriam is weird. In contrast, Mei’s grandmother disapproves of Mei’s father.

Despite the fact that Turning Red does not explicitly depict any transgender characters, it would benefit from LGBTQ+ representation. This would make the story more accessible and relatable to a wider audience. While Priya embraces her queerness (she dances with the Goth Girl at Tyler’s party), Miriam remains uncertain of her sexuality. The film’s queer theme could be a strong addition to Pixar’s roster of LGBTQ+ characters.

Miriam is turning red is available digitally on Disney+ now. This is a sequel to The School for Good And Evil. Fans of the first film will enjoy the film’s LGBTQ representation. If you’re looking for a fun, romantic comedy, you can’t go wrong with this animated sequel.

Miriam Mendelsohn is a thirteen-year-old Jewish-Canadian girl. She has curly auburn hair tied in braids and green eyes. She also has a large nose and freckles. Miriam has a strong heart and is a loyal friend.

After the last episode, the quartet gets to perform at the Aaron T. concert. Mei is not able to make it, but the girls join in and sing along. Miriam leads an acapella version of “Nobody Like U.” As they sing, she notices Mei’s new hair color.


The movie Turning Red is a celebration of adolescent girlhood and the friendships formed along the way. While the characters are fictional, they are all portrayed with a unique personality. The cast includes Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya, Hyein Park as Abby, and Ava Morse as Miriam. Below is a look at each character’s personality and characteristics.

The movie is about coming of age and discovering one’s self, and it’s about finding that identity and finding happiness. The film also depicts emotional relationships, especially those between a mother and daughter. The story has many parallels to Pixar’s Coco, which is also a coming of age story.

While Pixar typically employs a realistic style in its animated films, Turning Red strays from that style by adopting an Asian Tween Fever Dream visual style. The backgrounds are washed with pastel colors and the characters display exaggerated facial expressions and comical movements. For instance, Mei’s pupils appear to be enormous, and her friends move together as a cohesive group. This approach allows the characters to convey the powerful feelings of adolescence.