how to setup homlisti wordpress

If you are looking for the step-by-step instructions for Homlisti WordPress, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to install and setup the theme. There are also sections on how to import demo data and how to configure your Admin menu.



Homlisti is a WordPress theme that offers a variety of useful features. Its features include a flexible list view for ads, unlimited categories, and a powerful search function. It also lets users customize fields for different types of ads. Moreover, the theme lets users activate Ajax and enable advanced category and location filters. Other features of Homlisti include a front-end user dashboard with options to manage ads, post new ads, promote single ads, and view payments.

The homepage is customizable and includes four multipage layouts. The theme also offers four different header styles. You can also modify two footer styles for added variety. A user can also make changes to the colors of the blocks and customize picture sizes. Moreover, Homlisti also allows users to change the font sizes and styles, which is a great advantage if you want to create a unique look for your website.


The design of Homlisti is clean and contemporary, which is perfect for classified information websites. It is also Gutenberg-ready, enabling users to easily submit new content and customize the theme’s design. Moreover, it is compatible with the Elemenator page builder. This makes the theme extremely flexible and versatile.

Homlisti is a real estate WordPress theme that comes with a wide range of features that make it a great choice for real estate websites. This theme allows users to create a successful website with ease. The theme’s customizable header and footer sections, integrated Google Maps, and support for video galleries are just some of the features it offers.

Admin menu

Homlisti is an easy to use WordPress theme for classified ads. It features a modern, orderly design that’s perfect for listing items for sale or rent. It’s also Gutenberg-compatible, making it easy to create and customize your website to fit your needs.

Before installing the HomListi WordPress theme, you must activate the Parent theme and activate the RT Demo Importer. You can find this option from the Admin menu, under Plugins. The Import Demo button will appear in the theme’s Admin menu. Once imported, update your permalink to match the demo data.

The Homlisti theme is customizable, and includes unlimited categories and custom fields. It also allows users to choose different types of ads. You can control which types of ads appear on your website, and customize your ads in the front-end dashboard. From there, you can post new ads, promote single ads, and monitor payments and favorites.

You can also install the Homlisti theme on your WordPress website with a few clicks. It is compatible with all versions of WordPress. Download the Homlisti theme from the official website. Then, install the theme by following the installation instructions provided. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to begin using the theme.

The Homlisti WordPress theme has a powerful admin panel that will allow you to easily change the look of your whole website. Its options panel will let you change the colors of each block and alter the picture sizes. It is fully responsive, which means it will look great on any device.

Import demo data

Importing demo data to your new WordPress website is easy with Homlisti. The theme comes with four multi-page homepage layouts and an attractive page builder. It also provides two methods for importing demo contents: manually and automatically. Importing demo content manually requires activating the parent theme of Homlisti, which you can do from the Admin Dashboard or Plugins.

Importing demo data is a very simple process, but if it doesn’t work for some reason, the first step is to upgrade your web host’s PHP configuration. The most common cause of demo import failure is not enough PHP memory or max file upload size, so make sure you increase these settings on your web host. Also, you must note that the demo content and images that are imported into your new site are dummies. This is the reason why you should place the demo content and images into draft mode before going live. In addition, you will also need to change the Post Title and permalinks to change your dummy content and images into live content.

Another reason why you should consider using an importer when setting up Homlisti wordpress is because the documentation for the theme can be limited and incomplete. Themes can lack in quality documentation and comprehensive tutorials, so learning how to use importers will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Adding addons

Homlisti is a WordPress theme that comes with a powerful widget system and easy-to-use interface. It also offers features like a built-in gallery and Real-Time Stats. Besides the theme itself, Homlisti also comes with a handful of addons. These addons can help you enhance your website even further.

Homlisti is an ideal theme for listing classified ads on a real estate website. Its clean and modern design makes it perfect for displaying and linking classified data. It also works well with Gutenberg and Elementor Page Builder, which makes it easy to customize your website.

Homlisti is compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, which has 5 million active installations. It is also compatible with Gutenberg, which is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to make changes to your website easily. The live customizer allows you to preview your changes before publishing them. You can also use the demo importer to make changes to your website.

With the Homlisti WordPress theme, you can add unlimited custom fields and categories to your website. This way, you can control which ads you want to display and how many of them. You can also customize the front-end user dashboard with various features. For example, you can post new ads, promote single ads, view payments, and edit your ads.

Using ad promotion options

Homlisti is an ad management and promotion WordPress theme that provides many options for advertisers. It offers an unlimited number of categories and custom fields, making it easy to display a wide range of different ad types. You can control how ads are presented from the front end or the admin panel. From there, you can post new ads, promote individual ads, check payments, and edit existing ads.

Homlisti also features a powerful search feature and a personal dashboard where you can manage all your ads. You can also activate Ajax for better search results, search auto-completion, and powerful category and location filters. Additionally, you can add WooCommerce support, enabling your website to sell products and services.

Homlisti features an impressive widget system and easy listing generation. It also has a built-in gallery function and a Real-Time Stats tool. It is compatible with the latest stable version of WordPress and requires a minimum of version 5.2.2.

Homlisti also supports various payment gateways and a variety of ad formats. Users can pay to have their ads featured, bumped up, and displayed at the top. Homlisti also offers an agent program for those who would like to earn even more money with their website. Agents can sell memberships to give members access to all categories or even access to the entire site. The site can also be used to set up independent stores. Users can include business descriptions, opening and closing times, and large banners associated with their business information.

Using the agent feature

With the agent feature of Homlisti WordPress plugin, website owners can generate more money from advertising. They can choose to display premium, bump-up, or special ads on their website. The agent feature also allows users to pay for highlighted or featured ads. They can even make additional money by granting members access to all categories and all ads on their site.

The Homlisti theme provides multiple layouts for your homepage. Moreover, you can add unlimited categories and custom fields. You can even have different types of advertisements and control them from the admin panel. Besides, you can also choose whether to display classified or personal ads.

Homlisti is a modern classified ads WordPress theme. It is built with Gutenberg, which makes it easy to drag and drop elements for quick customization. This theme also has a demo importer, which allows you to see your website’s appearance before publishing.

The Homlisti theme is compatible with all WordPress versions and can be downloaded from the official WordPress site. It has many unique features and is great for real estate websites. The theme also includes a customizable header and footer section, a customizable footer, and widget support.