genie scissor lift error codes ch

Error codes on Genie scissor lifts help you diagnose and fix malfunctioning equipment. Thanks to telematics, CAN bus, WiFi, and error codes, you will be able to access information about your lift from any location. This feature allows for fast and easy troubleshooting. It will help you maximize uptime, while improving utilization and total cost of ownership.

LL Machine Tilted Beyond Safe Limits

When you’re operating a LL Machine, it’s important to know your machine’s limits. If you tilt it beyond the safe limits, you may encounter a safety hazard. To help prevent this from happening, you should install a Level/Tilt Alarm. These alarms send audible and flashing signals to operators when a machine tilts beyond its safe limits. This allows operators to lower the boom to a level surface and reposition it for safety.