genie gs1930 error codes

Genie scissor lifts have error codes and other features that make troubleshooting a breeze. These features include telematics, CAN bus, and WiFi. You can monitor your lifts on the go, which means faster uptime and higher utilization. This helps you reduce your total cost of ownership.


Scissor lifts

Genie scissor lifts come with telematics and WiFi capabilities to make troubleshooting easy. Using these features, you can access diagnostic information, such as error codes, from anywhere. This can help you to maximize uptime and minimize your total cost of ownership.

The GSDS can generate an OIC code whenever an abnormal operating status is detected. If the scissor lift does not operate properly, it will prevent raising or lowering and will alert the operator. The codes are displayed on the ground control and platform display.


Error codes

Genie scissor lifts have on-board diagnostics that help you identify device and circuit malfunctions. These systems check hydraulics, batteries, user interface, sensors/switches, and ground control. Using these systems, you can easily troubleshoot any problem with the lift, which will result in more uptime and higher utilization. As a result, you can reduce your total cost of ownership.


Genie scissor lifts come with a range of features, including onboard diagnostics. These systems can detect circuit or device malfunctions and display diagnostic codes. They can also monitor the health of the batteries and user interface. Some Genie lifts even come with WiFi connectivity, which allows the owner to view diagnostic data from anywhere, at any time. This feature enables quick troubleshooting, which leads to increased uptime and better utilization.

The troubleshooting process starts by determining the exact problem. Typically, a malfunction code will display on the diagnostic readout when the Genie Lift is unable to drive or turn. This malfunction could be caused by several different issues. One of these may be a low voltage in the batteries. Another possibility could be a malfunction of the electronic control module.