why does john dutton hate jamie on yellowstone

The first season of “Why Does John Dutton Hate Jamie on Yellowstone” was an exciting and intense watch. The storyline focuses on the ranch’s problems and the rift between John Dutton and his son, Kayce. It also gives us a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of the Dutton family. The episode also examines the reason for John’s unwillingness to sacrifice innocent lives to protect the ranch.


John Dutton’s rift with son Kayce

While the main character of John Dutton’s rift with son, Kayce, has always been a close friend of the Dutton family, John doesn’t have the same feelings about her. In fact, he finds her behavior troubling and doesn’t blame her for it. After all, she grew up without a family and was raised by John and Kayce. Kayce’s behavior was a response to the recent attack on her family by Jamie.

Kayce’s love life and relationship with Rip is also complicated. They have been a couple for years, but Rip isn’t as close as Kayce and his brother are. Rip, on the other hand, has an on-and-off affair with his brother, and he’s loyal to him. This means he can’t pursue Beth without Dutton’s permission. But Rip is willing to put Kayce through school – as long as it doesn’t end up affecting Rip’s relationship with Kayce.


Kayce Dutton is the youngest Dutton child and has a troubled past. After her mother’s death, she left the family ranch and went to a nearby reservation. Kayce and Monica’s son, Tate, were raised there. In Season 1’s “The Remembering”, John revealed the secret of his family to Monica. He also revealed that Kayce’s brother-in-law, Robert Long, had shot Lee Dutton, who was trying to get cattle back from Broken Rock Reservation.

The Dutton family is a complex and dysfunctional one. The Duttons are not close and have complicated relationships, but John Dutton will do anything to protect his ranch and his family. In fact, he even takes his enemies to the “train station” – their family’s dumping ground.

John Dutton’s unwillingness to take the lives of innocents to protect the ranch

During an episode of “The Last Ranch,” John Dutton and his son Jamie are having dinner at the ranch. After dinner, Jamie tells his father that he’s not running for attorney general. The decision is a shock to John, who felt betrayed by Jamie’s decision. If Jamie had run for office, he would have faced tough decisions about the future of the ranch. His decision will define his role in the family.

Despite the strained relationship between the brothers, John Dutton has a strong commitment to his children. He has a rocky relationship with his adopted son Jaime, but he never loses sight of his family. He has always placed his children’s safety above all else. However, this has caused his relationship with Jamie and his sister Beth to suffer.

Season 8 of Homeland will probably center around this land battle. With Beth now working for Market Equities, Beth is in a position to cause havoc, and time is running out for the Duttons to stop her. With the time running out, they don’t have many options.

Despite the dangers, most “Yellowstone” fans will sympathize with John Dutton. He works hard for his family and stands up for his ideals, but he occasionally makes dumb decisions. Ultimately, he has to choose between protecting his ranch and his family.

John Dutton’s mistake in convincing Jaime to put down the rifle

The final episode of Yellowstone season three ends on one of the most tense cliffhangers of the series. Fans are left wondering whether John Dutton will be able to convince Jamie to put down the rifle. Fortunately, the latest trailer offers a little more detail than the teaser.

Jaime is pushed to the edge by Beth’s pressure to kill Garrett Randall for putting a hit on her family. In addition to the killing, she took a photo of Jaime disposing of Garrett Randall, tying him to Beth’s rope in the coming season.

Dutton makes another mistake in convincing Jaime to drop the rifle on Yellowstone. He fails to disclose that he was getting cancer treatment. His campaign manager is also present. The two men begin arguing over the issue. Dutton then says that he is not worried about Rip and his sons, but that he doesn’t trust his children.

While it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Dutton and Jaime are working together to save the world, this episode provides several examples of how Dutton’s decision to stop the shooting will prove fatal to the two men. Although John Dutton has tried his best to convince Jaime, he isn’t always successful. This episode demonstrates the pitfalls of Dutton’s anti-lady stance.

Yellowstone is an interesting case study in political discourse. Despite its setting in a red state, the show isn’t a right-wing polemic. Instead, it forces viewers to look at political battles from different perspectives. While there is no definitive conclusion, Yellowstone makes us ask questions such as: Should people be allowed to own so much land? Should we side with greedy developers or environmentalists?