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Flame Hashira is a beautiful character with a dazzling smile. She seems very energetic and dedicated to ridding the world of demons. Despite her fiery skills and strong morals, she still aims to protect the weak. It is clear that she is a natural leader with strong values.


Love Hashira

Love Hashira is a fictional character from the anime series Demon Slayer. She is a snake who has a history of lovers. However, her relationship with Obanai Iguro is not only based on friendship but also on pure love. While their relationship never developed into a full-blown romance, the two always stood by each other through the tough times. Although she cannot tell her true feelings, Obanai believes that Mitsuri’s love is because of her previous trauma.

The character Mitsuri Kanroji is the current Love Hashira, and she is a major supporting character in the Demon Slayer franchise. She uses the Love Breathing Style and is the strongest Hashira in the series. She participated in the final battle with Muzan Kibutsuji.


The character is extremely emotional and constantly compliments others in her head. Despite her tender nature, she is often easily flustered and does not take insults well. She is also extremely shy and has an extremely strong bond with Obanai. She is extremely kind-hearted, but she is not the most logical person.

Flame Hashira

The anime series Flame Hashira tells the story of Kyojuro, a young boy who is chosen to be the next Flame Hashira. He was raised by his mother, Ruka Rengoku, who is a strong woman who believes in protecting the weak. After Kyojuro has been beaten by his father, he trains hard to become a great swordsman.

In the manga, Flame Hashira serves as a Hashira and the Demon Slayer Corps’ oldest Hashira. His death in the series is a tragic one for the kaiju. His wife drowned in alcohol, and he began to ignore his responsibilities. He also started to yell at Senjuro and Kyojuro and was constantly causing trouble.

As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kyojuro Rengoku is extremely powerful. As a swordsman, he has a unique and colorful style. He stands at 177 centimeters and is one of the tallest and most powerful members of the Corps. His hair resembles a lion’s mane, and his breathing style is very similar to that of the Flame of Hashira. In the manga, he is depicted wearing a fire-themed kyahan and haori.

Flame Hashira’s figure form is an accurate representation of the character from the anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Her injuries are a result of her life-or-death struggle with Kyojuro, and they have been captured in figure form for this action figure. The figure is an amazing representation of the character, and the 1/4-scale size allows for incredible detail. Fans of the series will love this figure!

In addition to being able to protect the weak and innocent, Kyojuro is a master at detecting demonic presences. His sense of smell is incredibly sharp, and he can pick up on the aura of a demon far more easily than his brother, Tanjiro. His great sense of smell helps him gauge the strength and regenerative abilities of demons. As a result, he manages to detect two demonic presences simultaneously on a train.

Taurus Hashira

Taurus Hashiras have a strong, competitive nature, and have a desire to achieve everything they desire. They are loyal and trustworthy, and have a strong desire to succeed. They can be stubborn and uncompromising, but their dedication is well-rewarded by their strong work ethic and ability to achieve anything they set their mind to.

Mitsuri is a quiet, introverted sign, but is also strong and does not hesitate to confront injustice. This is an ideal combination for the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku. Aries is a true trailblazer, and the Flame Hashira Kyojuro-Rengoku perfectly matches their traits. This sign is the pioneer of signs and will devote all its resources to completing a difficult challenge.

Flame Hashira is a man of principles. His long golden hair is accented with red streaks, which matches the element associated with his breathing style. The color of his hair matches the color of his skin and matches his personality. This enthralls many people with his fiery personality.

Giyu is the opposite of Taurus Hashira, who wears a facade of happiness to trick others. His stance towards life is quite different than that of the traditional Hashira, who puts the lives of their comrades above his own. However, he is also highly intelligent and self-disciplined. His senses guide him to success, despite the harshness of the situation.

The Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka, exhibits both the strengths and weaknesses of this sign. He is a feisty, independent individual with strong humanitarian tendencies. Giyu has a strong sense of justice. His strong will and determination makes him an ideal match for an Aquarian.

In addition to being an earth sign, Taurus rules the Second House of Income. This planet is very concerned with material possessions, value, and wealth. His other house, Venus, oversees love and relationships. The intersection of the two is very important for Taurus. As a result, he is often focused on the intersection of earning and relationships.

Inosuke is a fiery and enthusiastic warrior. As a Taurus, he is zealous and enthusiastic about his job. He is competitive, but can also be a bit impulsive. He has excellent swordsmanship and is loyal to his allies.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the top swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps. Her beauty is prominent and she has an extreme sense of sexuality. Her looks have caused a lot of trouble for her brothers. She was even rejected for marriage once because of her sexuality. Mitsuri is incredibly tall for a girl of that time, and she has enormous boobs.

Mitsuri’s fighting style combines superhuman strength with extreme flexibility and speed, enabling her to deal out multiple powerful blows with ease and speed. She also has a very powerful sword, called the ‘Love Sword,’ which she uses in combat. The sword was specially created for her.

In addition to her super strength, Mitsuri has incredible stamina. She can carry more than 120 pounds of weight without straining her arms. She has so much strength and endurance that she once tied with Rengoku in an arm-wrestling competition. She also has incredible flexibility and nimbleness.

Mitsuri is an extremely emotional and caring person. She is very sensitive to others and gives them compliments when they impress her. She is also a very friendly character, making friends with every hashira she encounters. She also shares a special bond with Obanai, the snake Hashira.

The anime series Kimetsu No Yaiba features an adorable figure of Love Hashira Matsuri Kanroji. The figure also has a special kanji design on its cube. This figurine is limited to North America. It contains cast-off pieces, which is why it is considered a final sale.

As a lover, Mitsuri is very emotional and always compliments others. Her nickname ‘The Hashira of Love’ is an apt description of her character. She is also kind and caring to Obanai, but she doesn’t take insults well. In addition to her emotions, she does not take insults well and is easily flustered.

In addition to being a Love Pillar, Mitsuri is part of the Demon Slayer Corps and uses the Breath of Love (derived from the Breath of Flames). She is a former student of Shinjuro Rengoku, and has long neon green and pink hair due to her love for sakuramochi.