what level is ais wallenstein

Ais Wallenstein is a level 6 adventurer who is often referred to as the Sword Princess. In combat mode, she is nearly unstoppable. In this article, we’ll take a look at her level, characteristics, and power of enchant magic.


DanMachi’s highest level

Ais Wallenstein is the highest level character in the DanMachi universe. She is a member of the Loki Familia, a group of powerful monsters. These creatures gain their strength by eating magic stones and controlling Demi Spirits. These creatures’ strength also depends on how much they can hear and understand their masters. Ais is the strongest member of this group and a First-Class Adventurer.

Her personal doll, Horn, is her eyes and ears when she cannot be there. She plays a spy-like role in the DanMachi series. Horn has access to Freya’s abilities but does not have Freya’s special abilities. Her magical ability, however, allows her to be in two places at once.


Ais has an emotionally sensitive past and has been reluctant to discuss it with anyone. Her previous relationship with the One Eyed Black Dragon has left her scarred, and she subsequently refused to talk about it with others. However, she changed her attitude towards monsters after the incident with Xenos.

As an adventurer, Ais is one of the Mightiest Heroes in Orario. She is an expert swordfighter, and has advanced further in dungeons than most people. The high level of Ais is a source of controversy amongst her peers. Some even claim that she is powerful enough to kill the one-eyed black dragon.

Ais is the highest level adventurer in the game. She belongs to the Loki Familia, and falls in love with Hestia, but she eventually develops feelings for other girls. So she ends up choosing a new character to romance. In addition to Ais, there is also Bell, who is her love interest. This character also has an attraction for Finn.

Ais is considered an airhead and is quite strong-willed. She is known for being quiet, but she is still very powerful and does not look down on those who are weak. She also offers to train Bell and tries to find out what the secret is to Bell’s quick growth. Ais also reacts violently to perverts.

Characteristics of ais wallenstein

Ais is a beautiful woman with a slender body and golden hair. She typically wears white battlecloth and black arm covers, long blue boots, and a black knee guard. When she’s not in battle, Ais wears a white one-piece dress with gold lining. Ais is mysterious and mentally young, despite her appearance.

Ais’s hatred for monsters is rooted in her childhood experience with the One Eyed Black Dragon. As a result of her childhood trauma, Ais has a strong dislike for monsters and is obsessed with eliminating them. She has a tendency to become violent when she feels threatened, and her behavior sometimes borders on irrational.

Ais Wallenstein is a female First-Class Adventurer and member of the Loki Familia. She is considered the strongest of the First-Class Adventurers. She joined the Familia at the age of seven and became one of the strongest First-Class Adventurers. She reached Level 2 in a year, but later Bell Cranel broke her record, and now the two sisters are known as the Sword Princess.

Ais is an excellent swordsman. She has been practicing her swordsman skills ever since she joined the Loki Familia, and is considered one of the best in the city. Her constant training has also given her the ability to perform various techniques. When she was first joining the Loki Familia, Finn and Gareth were surprised at her technique. Her father’s techniques helped her learn these techniques.

The relationship between Ais and Bell is one of the most important parts of the story. Fujino Omori has hinted at the potential of a romance, but has not confirmed this. She has also hinted that the relationship may end badly. While she hasn’t expressed it in the story, she does show typical romantic characteristics.

Power of enchant magic

Ais’s power of enchant magic comes from a monster that she’s taken. It increases her attack power against dragon-type creatures and monsters. This ability has a trigger, and when used correctly, Ais can tear apart an enemy’s body. This power is considered the strongest of all Ais’ skills. However, it does damage the user’s weapons.

Using enchant magic on yourself is a powerful way to deal massive damage. Ais can also use her power move, “Ariel”, to manipulate wind elemental enchant magic. This spell is useful in creating fortresses of wind, and it can also be used to defend herself from reptile monsters. This spell is also known as the “Avenger” because it increases the intensity of Ais’s hatred.

Bell Cranel is a 14-year-old adventurer. She is the only member of her family, and works hard to make ends meet. She looks up to Ais Wallenstein, a renowned swordswoman. Throughout the adventure, Bell and Ais become allies and improve themselves with each new challenge.

Ais Wallenstein has feelings for Bell Cranel. Initially, Bell Cranel admired Ais for her strength and willingness to help the weak. Since then, the two have maintained a friendly relationship and helped each other during various situations, including when Bell was trapped in Rivira. They also helped each other during the War Game between the Apollo Familia and the Hestia Familia.

Riveria is Ais’s teacher and mentor. She is serious and doesn’t laugh when Bell is having trouble, and she’s also strict about her students’ work. Her students spend nights studying without sleep, and she does not tolerate distractions during study sessions.

Ais Wallenstein can enchant spirits, which she can use against monsters. She has the power to summon war shadows and is very powerful in combat. She also has the power to manipulate dark energy and Spirit energy. Ais can use this power to use a variety of spells, which she uses in battle.

Relationship with Bell

Ais Wallenstein and Bell’s relationship is the focus of the fantasy anime DanMachi. The series follows the journey of Bell, a young adventurer who has feelings for a female companion. Although Bell meets many potential romantic partners, his main love interest is Ais Wallenstein, the strongest adventurer known to mankind.

Ais shows a strong interest in Bell and even saves his life once or twice. She helps Bell when he needs her, and she notices that Bell is happy and relaxed when she is with him. Ais and Bell fight once, but then reconcile. Their relationship has developed into a very strong friendship.

The season ends with a satisfying payoff for all of the series’ previous plot lines. It is the moment in the series where the character truly comes into his own and begins to assume the role of a legendary hero. It is an emotional moment for Bell and her fans, and it’s the most satisfying conclusion for the first season.

Aria was a child of the future and of the past. She had gone back in time to see her father when she was younger, but was surprised when she found that Bell was there with her. She was also surprised that Bell had chosen to stay with her after all. The future of Bell and Aria’s child was in danger.

Ais and Bell share a special relationship in the Familia. Their love is mutual, and they help each other out when they encounter danger. Bell is not physically stronger than Ais, but they gain stat boosts as they level up. And while Ais is stronger, Bell is not able to compete with Bell in battle, so her relationship with Bell is not over yet complete.

Bell’s adoptive grandfather Zeus is another god. He was once the head of the Zeus Familia and was highly respected by other gods. Zeus has asked Hermes to watch over Bell, but Zeus is a retired farmer.