which breaking bad character are you

If you are a lover of the series Breaking Bad, you may be curious to find out which character you are. The characters in this series are authentic and portray personal issues, family conflicts, and black and white society. You might be a Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, or Sagittarius.



Capricorns are driven by ambition and are often unwilling to compromise their goals. They can also be stubborn and can hold others to high standards. Capricorns also have a difficult time letting go of the past and trying new ideas. This can make them difficult to live with and get along with.

In the anime series, Capricorns can be found in a variety of different roles. A good example of a Capricorn character would be Utena Tenjo. She looks like a shy, sweet girl but has ungodly willpower. She’s also the most devoted character on the show. Her love for people means that she fights on humanity’s side.


Capricorns are known to be very serious and goal-oriented people. Their lack of emotional expression can be displayed through their lack of reactions to certain situations. Walter White is an example of a Capricorn in this way, as he doesn’t make snap decisions. Walter is committed and motivated to reach his goals. He is also prone to getting angry when he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves for his efforts.

Another Capricorn in Breaking Bad is Skyler White. He was the one who invested in Walt’s drug empire. Skyler is responsible, and has a much cooler head than Walt. He also came up with a plausible way to launder the drug profits. He even purchased a car wash from Walt’s former boss.

Marie Schrader is another example of a Capricorn in Breaking Bad. She is resourceful, a radiologist, and an intelligent woman. Her intelligence, savvy, and love of purple are a few of the traits that set her apart from other characters. She is also a petty but complex character.


A Virgo is never on the brink of breaking down. From the outside, they appear calm and collected, but once inside, their mind is constantly stacked with all the things they need to get done. They don’t express their feelings much, and they rarely get dirty or angry. In reality, they are hard-core realists who always seek evidence before making a decision.

Virgos are clingy and hypocritical, but they are also very sensitive. If you’re looking to make a breakup happen, a Virgo man is probably not the guy for you. He’ll be too busy judging you, so you’ll have to do your research before trying to woo a Virgo.

Virgos have high standards and are dedicated to getting to the top. They’re highly analytical and are constantly analyzing themselves and others. They take criticism inwardly, but are highly organized. They like to see everything neatly organized and clean. They’re not comfortable with clutter, so you can’t count on them being unorganized.

Virgos are also very devoted to their job, and are often leaders of group activities and vacations. They’re also good listeners. They’re also careful about what they do, and want to do the right thing. But they’re also cold and manipulative.

The main character of the Breaking Bad series is a Virgo. This character has a separate show on Netflix, but is also a true Virgo. This character has a Mercurian energy. This means that he’s quick-witted, talkative, and full of ideas. This also makes him more independent than any other character. In addition, he doesn’t mind staying alone to pursue his goal. Virgos take pride in accomplishing everything they set out to do, and they don’t depend on luck or fate.

Another Virgo that makes for a great Breaking Bad character is Mike. Mike is a great example of this, and is very reliable. Whether he’s cleaning up the mess or killing people, Mike is a Virgo who will never back down. He has a great sense of responsibility, and he’s often the one people turn to for help.


Leo is a sign of the zodiac. A Leo is a confident, dominant personality. This trait fits well with Jimmy McGill’s character on Breaking Bad. His character is also extremely intelligent and runs his business with confidence. He is also caring and has a good relationship with most of the people he knows.


While Sagittarians have a lot of good qualities, they also have some flaws. For instance, they can be impulsive and may not stay in one activity for very long. They are also likely to be the center of attention, which can make them appear arrogant. They also tend to enjoy taking risks, which can lead them to make impulsive decisions and land them in dangerous situations.

Sagittarius individuals are super talented and have a lot of energy. They are always on the go, which makes them great traveler, writer, and pet owner. Their quick wit and zest for life can also make them a great comedian. Despite their shortcomings, Sagittarius characters have a shelf full of awards and are often quick-witted and resourceful.

Another notable trait of Sagittarius is their tendency to give more than they can deliver. This is evident in Pete’s drug dealing. But he is determined to make the NA recovery program a success despite his flaws. While a Sagittarius is honest, he can be blunt and may say things that are not necessarily diplomatic.

Chiron is a symbol for Sagittarius. In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur. Centaurs were wild, sexual creatures that acted badly. This embodies the animal side of human nature. However, the character’s character was also portrayed in a television series starring a cynic.

A Sagittarius is a hard-working and reliable individual. The character in the television series is a great example of this. The character’s final words are “Let me die in peace.” Sagittarius is also associated with nature and animals, making it an excellent choice for a protagonist in this show.


While the zodiac sign Scorpio is known for being loyal, hedonistic and impulsive, it’s not always obvious that Scorpios are the best zodiac sign for breaking bad. But the fact remains that Scorpios are generally fun to be around, and they can also be very honest and brave. This makes them ideal for the role of Jesse Pinkman.

When in love, a Scorpio will want to get intimate and start a relationship with a Scorpio. He is very sweet and tries to woo Sam, but Sam is wary of being committed. So, Scorpio puts his phone number in Sam’s cell phone and tries to get his attention. Later, Sam is relieved when Scorpio tells him his real name is Ryan. He even gives Sam a kiss on the cheek.

Scorpios are passionate and resourceful, and they are known for their ability to work their way out of any situation. They are also strong leaders and are known for being very ambitious. However, there is one flaw in Scorpios: they can be very private and secretive. But this doesn’t stop them from doing what they have to do.

Scorpio’s weakness is Marie. She is a master manipulator, and when she is angry at her partners, she turns to a method of psychological violence. She also has a tendency to sabotage other people, and is also very secretive. This is why she often avoids telling Hank when she relapses. And despite her pragmatism, Marie is also very jealous of her pregnant girlfriend.

Don Eladio is another typical Scorpio character. He is a domineering leader, but also is friendly with his associates. He is also aware of danger, which is why he pits his subordinates against one another. In one episode, Don Eladio refuses to drink the tequila that he’s been gifted with until he sees Gus Fring take a sip.