what is in your purse bridal shower game

The What’s in Your Purse Game is a fun party game for a bridal shower. It is a sheet game that’s about 17cm x 12.7cm in size. Whether you are throwing a Hen Night or Bachelorette Party, guests will have a great time playing this game!


Items in a purse for a bridal shower

A bridal shower is an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming marriage by gathering friends and family members to shower the bride-to-be with gifts and love. In addition to gifts, the shower agenda should include games and activities. One popular game is Items in a Purse. The goal of this game is to see how many guests can find the same items in the bride-to-be’s purse.

This popular party game has several versions. To play the game, guests take out their purses and read a list of items they will find. The guest who has the most items at the end of the game wins. This game is simple and fun to play. For more prizes, consider changing the list of items to include things that are not traditionally found in a purse.


Another variation on Items in a Purse is a game wherein guests try to guess what items the bride has inside her purse. The bride-to-be can also make her own cards for this game. It also allows guests to play the game with the help of a pen.

This game can be racy or a simple one, depending on the bride-to-be’s preferences. The bride-to-be can give out scented candles, glitter, and stickers as prizes. The prizes can also be unique to the area, the bride, or the couple.

Free printable version of the game

What is in your purse is a game that you can play with your friends and family during a bridal shower or a baby shower. The game requires each guest to bring a game card, pencils, or pens, and it involves guests marking the different items they find in their purse. Each item is worth different points, and the lady who has the most points wins!

The game is a classic and fun icebreaker and will relax your guests. Each guest is given a card with a list of different things that can be found in the bride’s purse, ranging from jewelry to cosmetics. They must mark each item on the card, and the person who has the most points wins!

What is in your purse bridal shower game can be played at any time during the shower. Guests can work in teams of two or three, and can try to guess items from the bride’s purse. The groom-to-be can even submit his answers in advance by text message.

Free printable version of what is in your purse wedding shower game is great for a shower, baby shower, or ladies-only party. The free printable game can be printed on card stock paper or ordinary printing paper.

How to play

What’s in your purse is one of the most popular bridal shower games. This is a fun icebreaker for the shower and allows guests to get to know one another. This game works especially well if the shower is a women-only event. To play, ask your guests to look through your purse and try to guess what items are in it. For each item that appears on the card, you give them a point.

You’ll need notepads or pens and a pencil. This game can be played at your own pace or you can call out the items as people look through the purses. The person who has the most points wins the prize. The game can be played while the bride is getting ready.

This game is great for a bridal shower because the bride-to-be will appreciate the fun and competition. To make the game more fun, you can also add racy items like lipsticks or deodorants. You can even add in a little glitter or markers to the items, and it will make the event more fun.

The main objective of What’s in Your Purse is to give your guests points for finding different things in the purse. If you’d like to make it more competitive, create a list of the items that each guest has. You can also have a tie breaker to determine if there are more than one winner.