what you plant now will harvest later

If you wish to have a successful future, it is important to remember that what you plant now will harvest later. You must work hard and pursue your dreams with all your heart. Your dreams are seeds that you need to plant right now, and the sooner you begin to plant them, the more fruits you’ll harvest in the future.


Law of the Harvest

There are seven universal laws that govern humankind. One of these laws is the Law of the Harvest. This rule states that what you plant will be harvested later. This law has many applications and can be applied in many aspects of your life. For example, if you’re a salesperson and don’t engage in any sales activity, you won’t reap any harvest.

This principle applies to almost everything in life, from relationships to diets to investing. Though it is easy to understand, most people overlook the deeper implications of this principle. They mistakenly believe that it only means that you need to work hard to reap the rewards. The Law of the Harvest also says that you need to take care of your finances and invest wisely.


The Law of the Harvest is a spiritual law that applies to everyone. Many farmers would not tolerate skipping watering in the hot months and planting without tilling the earth. However, most of us don’t grow up on a farm, and we tend to look for instant gratification. By following the Law of the Harvest, you’ll reap more than you put in.

The Law of the Harvest: When planting, choose plants that will grow at the right time and yield the harvest you need. Remember, great ventures take time to harvest. You can’t rush the process. Once you start the seeds, take care of them and wait.

The Law of the Harvest is a great reminder that the Lord is in control. He will show you where to reap. You need to be tuned in to the voice of God so that you don’t miss an opportunity to harvest what you’ve planted. This will help you avoid making mistakes and miss out on the harvest.

Seeds that you plant

Planting your dreams and goals now will ensure that you will reap them later. There are some people who are famous overnight or make large sums of money quickly, but true growth often comes in line upon line and little by little. The Law of the Harvest teaches that the more you work now, the more you’ll harvest later.

Time to plant them

Whether you’re a veteran gardener or a newbie, there’s a time to plant what you want to grow. The earlier you plant the seeds, the better. Waiting until the perfect moment to sow your seeds can delay harvesting by weeks, months, and even years.

Pursuing your dream

The best way to plant seeds for the future is by focusing on the reasons you want to accomplish certain things. The reason for pursuing your dream should be strong enough to motivate you to achieve your dream. For example, Jesus told the story of the mustard seed becoming a tree. Similarly, if your dream is to become rich, you will not succeed if you don’t pursue it with love.

The seeds of your dreams must be sown now in order to reap benefits later. For instance, if you plant mango seeds, you can expect to reap mangoes later. Similarly, if you plant jackfruit seeds, you’ll be able to reap the benefits later. If you don’t plant your dream now, you will never reap the benefits of your efforts.