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If you’ve been wondering about Chrisean Rock, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out all about the latest news about him, from his relationship with rapper Blueface to his recent tweets. In addition, learn about his family and career struggles.


Chrisean Rock

When Chrisean Rock was a young girl, she was homeless. She went years without a home, but kept going to school. Her mother, however, struggled with substance abuse and was not able to provide her with a happy, stress-free childhood. Still, she loved her mother and siblings and leaned on them when times got tough.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are going to star in a reality show, titled “Crazy in Love.” The title is a spoof on Beyonce’s 2003 hit “Crazy in Love.” It will be about Chrisean Rock’s alleged behavior in bed with Blueface, who he claimed was an “infidelity rap artist.” In the trailer, Blueface claims Chrisean stole his cell phone, and Chrisean Rock tells the story.


Chrisean Rock is no stranger to reality TV. In fact, she’s already appeared in the popular Zeus reality show “Baddies South.” While some may not like the show because of the constant arguments and physical altercations, she has already gained fans. While the premise for her new show is not yet clear, fans can expect it to be entertaining.

The video also shows Chrisean getting close to another woman at a nightclub. Chrisean later tweeted a picture of himself kissing the woman while they were in the club. This video was quickly retweeted by fans, confirming that he indeed posted the video.

The video of Chrisean and Blueface has gone viral. Chrisean took the man in black’s side in the argument. Chrisean was accused of domestic abuse in Arizona.

Chrisean Rock’s relationship with rapper Blueface

Rapper Blueface has been the subject of a recent controversy. The rapper, who has been married to Jadyn Alexis since 2017, has been rumored to be cheating on her with Chrisean Rock. The relationship between the two began when Rock auditioned for his reality show, “Blue Girls Club.” While there, he became enamored with the singer and ended up signing with his record label. After signing with Blueface, Chrisean Rock announced his feelings for him publicly.

Despite the controversy surrounding the relationship, the rapper has denied the allegations. However, his relationship with Rock has been tumultuous. Blueface has been critical of Rock’s behavior since he allegedly broke into his home. His mother has even called the actress “the living devil.” In June, Rock shared an intimate moment with Blueface on Twitter, where he revealed that he had stolen his phone. Later, Rock claimed that he was “brokenhearted” after Blueface cheated on him.

The relationship between Chrisean Rock and Blueface has been plagued by drama. The two have continued their toxic relationship as more people called out the rapper’s behavior. This is the second time the rapper and his girlfriend have split since Blueface filmed their tussle. The rapper has since deleted the video. However, his girlfriend claimed that he was unable to pay attention to her and told her to stop. Blueface has also accused Rock of sleeping with a corrections officer and made the relationship public.

Chrisean Rock’s relationship with rapper rap star Blueface is characterized by frequent public fallouts and social media spats. Recently, she unfollowed the rapper on Instagram. She then hopped onto her Instagram Live to discuss her heated argument with Blueface.

Chrisean Rock’s family struggles

Chrisean Rock’s family has suffered a great deal over the years. Her father served time in prison, and her mother struggled with addiction. Despite this, Chrisean has always had a close relationship with her parents and siblings. Although her family was not perfect, Chrisean cherished them and leaned on them when times got tough.

However, the family struggles aren’t over. According to Wack 100, the actress was once involved in an altercation with his wife, Karlissa. According to Wack 100, Chrisean’s wife didn’t want her ex-husband to visit her in their son’s home. The actress claimed that Karlissa even threw glass jars at her, so she and her son didn’t let Chrisean stay in their home.

During Chrisean Rock’s visit to her family, she invited her boyfriend Blueface to meet them. A video of the incident was shared on social media, and fans claimed that the couple had an argument with Rock’s father. A member of the family even called Chrisean out on Instagram.

According to reports, Chrisean Rock’s family struggled with drug addiction. The actress’s mother was incarcerated for many years, and her father spent time in jail. While the couple has been relatively quiet about the drama, the actress’ family struggles have been revealed in the past.

Chrisean Rock’s relationship with Blueface is rocky. However, a series of family disputes has brought the two into the spotlight. After Chrisean revealed Blueface’s family had been bullying her, the two got into an ugly feud. In May, Blueface’s mother and sister were involved in a physical altercation with Chrisean Rock.

Chrisean Rock’s recent tweets

Chrisean Rock’s recent tweets have caused a lot of buzz. Millions of people are searching for the new video of Chrisean Rock. You can find it below. The actor is best known for his escapades on the show Blueface. However, he has recently gone public with some of his personal life and recently shared some personal thoughts.

One of Chrisean Rock’s recent tweets has caused a controversy. The star, who is engaged in a relationship with rapper Blueface, has resurfaced on Twitter. While the relationship has been on and off for a few years, recent tweets show the couple have been at odds.

One recent tweet that Chrisean Rock wrote claimed that he and Blueface had broken up. The two have a history of fighting and Chrisean Rock has said that he once slapped the artist’s sister and mother, according to reports. The two have had several fights and even been arrested in Arizona for a separate incident.

In another recent tweet, Chrisean claimed that his girlfriend Blueface had cheated on him. During a fight, Chrisean admitted to destroying her hotel room and revealing that she had a newborn. The two were also caught making out in Hollywood. It’s possible that Chrisean’s tweets may have been in response to the fight.

As a rapper, Chrisean Rock is a popular media contributor and has a history of sharing viral videos. He also makes frequent tweets about his relationship with rappers. As the creator of the viral video Blueface, Chrisean is in a unique position to be a key figure in viral data.

Chrisean Rock’s tattoos

We all know Chrisean Rock has several tattoos on his body, but did you know that he has an extra one on his face? That tattoo represents the rapper Blueface, whose name is also tattooed on Chrisean’s face? Chrisean has also been accused of breaking into Blueface’s house and stealing a car.

Chrisean Rock’s tattoos show that he is more than just a cool dude. His tattoo is a tribute to Blueface, who is also a rapper from Brooklyn. Apparently, Chrisean Rock wanted to get inked with Blueface, even though the rapper has shown no interest in reuniting with him. Despite that, Chrisean Rock has gone so far as to get a tattoo that says “Johnathan’s P***y,” which refers to Blueface’s government name. He has also added a raincloud emoji to the tattoo.

Chrisean Rock was once the artist for the rapper Blueface, so it’s no surprise that he’d pay tribute to the rapper by getting a tattoo of his face. It’s also worth noting that Chrisean Rock got the tattoo shortly after he was arrested for stealing Blueface’s car.

Chrisean Rock is known for his tattoos, but this is his first tattoo of the rapper Blueface. His other tattoo is of the rapper’s name, and he’s also got a tattoo of his name on his neck. He also posted a video on social media showing the process of getting the tattoo.