what is dji day rewards

If you are wondering what DJI Drone Day rewards are, then you have come to the right place. You will learn about the DJI Referral Program, Swagbucks, and DJI Credits. You will also discover how to redeem them to get free DJI products. This is a great way to earn rewards while enjoying DJI drones.


DJI Drone Day

The DJI Drone Day rewards program offers a unique set of rewards for purchasing drones and accessories. To qualify for the program, you must buy a DJI drone or accessory before December 31, 2022. Then, register your product through the DJI website. You can then earn $100 in DJI credit, which you can use to purchase any DJI product.

If you purchase a DJI Mini 3 Pro combo before May 13, 2022 (Beijing time), you can redeem your golden ticket for a discounted price. You can also earn free accessories and merchandise when you purchase a DJI drone or accessory. To participate in the DJI Drone Day, you must share the DJI store day event webpage on social media.


If you want to get free shipping, you must purchase your drone or accessory from the DJI online store. You must opt in to the program within 15 days of delivery, and you cannot use it for drones purchased elsewhere. The DJI website provides free shipping on purchases of $160 or more, and orders are shipped by FedEx or DHL.

As with the DJI Drone Day rewards, it’s important to take care when purchasing a drone or accessory. While drones are becoming increasingly popular, it’s essential to remember where you should fly them. It’s illegal to operate drones in certain areas, such as airports. In order to avoid getting caught, make sure you use DJI’s software to avoid flying in restricted areas.

The DJI Drone Air 2 is a great drone that is priced under $1,000. It combines DJI obstacle avoidance, a 4K camera, and a long battery life. At the time of publishing, it was priced at $800. In addition to these features, it also has DJI’s autonomous features.

DJI Credits

To earn DJI Day Rewards Credits, you must first sign up for a DJI account. This will enable you to earn credits on every purchase at the DJI Online Store. You can then redeem them for a variety of products. Once you have enough credits, you can purchase a DJI product of your choice. To redeem your credits, visit the DJI Online Store and select “DJI Credit.” When you purchase a DJI product, you can use the DJI Credit you earned from your purchase.

DJI Credits are not transferable, can’t be redeemed for cash, and can only be used in the DJI Online Store. However, they can be used with other existing discounts. This includes free shipping for purchases of $159 or more. While you can use your credits once you’ve earned them, you need to keep in mind that they do expire. Therefore, you should take into consideration the frequency with which you buy drones.

If you’re planning to purchase a DJI drone, you should be aware of the DJI Day Rewards program. This rewards program is designed to encourage consumers to purchase DJI drones. By logging each flight with the DJI GO app, you’ll earn up to $100 worth of DJI credit. As soon as you have earned a $100 worth of DJI credit, you’ll be notified and can use it to purchase other DJI drone products.

You can use DJI Credits for a variety of products, including DJI drones. The DJI Day Rewards program also offers a variety of other benefits. For example, you can get extra DJI Flight Credits if you buy a DJI drone during the month of November. In addition, you’ll also earn DJI Day Rewards Credits if you register for the DJI Livestream event, “See The Bigger Picture.”

The DJI Store Day 2022 offers a 40% discount on the Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo, which has a suggested retail price of $519. Other promotions include free accessories and merchandise with select DJI drones. In addition, there are discounts on Ronin camera gimbal accessories.

DJI Referral Program

The DJI Day Rewards Referral Program is designed to reward DJI customers for referring friends or family to buy drones or other DJI products. You can earn up to $10 for every referral you make who purchases a DJI product. The program is available to DJI customers only. There are a few caveats to this program.

In order to participate, you must buy your DJI drone from the DJI online store. Then, you must opt in within 15 days of receiving your drone. You cannot opt in if you bought your drone from somewhere else. The program offers free shipping on orders over $160, and they ship using FedEx or DHL.

The referral program is fairly simple. Each referral you refer earns a certain amount of stock. This stock is worth a minimum of $2.50, but can grow to up to US$225 with time. A referrer may be tempted to hold on to a low-value stock in the hopes of seeing it go higher in value later on.

To become a DJI Day Rewards member, you must purchase a DJI drone before December 31, 2022. The DJI GO app must be used to register the drone and make purchases. After you register your drone, the DJI Day Rewards program will notify you of your credits. Once you have a $100 credit, you can use it to purchase other DJI products, such as a drone or accessory.

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If you are a DJI fanatic and want to earn free DJI products, you can sign up for Swagbucks. The website gives you access to discounts and coupon codes, and you can use the cash back to make purchases. By using your phone to shop, you can also earn cash back and get gift cards.

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If you are a DJI fan, you should take advantage of this promotion. It offers discounts on DJI drones and accessories. You can also get free accessories and merchandise with certain purchases. There are discounts on Ronin camera gimbal accessories, as well. For more details, you can visit the DJI website.