what is a spacer bra

A spacer bra is a type of bra that you wear underneath your favorite bra. It provides as much support as you need and softly contours the bust. It also has the added bonus of being breathable, making it feel light and comfortable. Besides its comfort, it also comes with a variety of benefits.


Softly contoured, rounded out bust with as much support as you could ever want

Spacer bras are an excellent choice if you are looking for soft, rounded support. They are made of breathable fabric with multi-layered construction for a comfortable fit. This is especially important if you have a full bust. These bras have a smooth finish under clothing and are available in a variety of colours and styles.

The most popular spacer bra style is the full-cup spacer. This style is made with smooth, seamless microfiber cups and satin panels, and gives you the illusion of a perfectly shaped bust. The spacer material helps the bra blend in well with your clothing while giving you the shape you want.


Another type of spacer bra is the balcony bra. This style gives you a softly rounded bust while providing as much support as you could ask for. The balconies of these bras are padded to provide a comfortable lift.

Breathable fabric

A spacer bra has a variety of benefits and is designed to help you feel comfortable. This type of undergarment is often made of a breathable fabric that is airy and lightweight. It creates pockets of breathable air around the cups, which prevents sweating and discomfort. In addition, spacers are easy to clean and maintain.

The fabric used in a spacer bra is usually very lightweight, which makes it ideal for hotter days. It also gives the wearer a huggable feel. This is because the spacers are designed with foamy pockets that allow air to circulate through the cups. The result is a soft, cushiony feel that makes the wearer feel like she is wearing nothing at all.

Spacer fabric is a 3D fabric consisting of two independently knitted fabrics held apart by spacer yarns. It is extremely breathable and cushiony and can be used for a variety of products. This type of material is a popular choice for lingerie. Its three layers allow for a smooth finish under clothes and helps to prevent sweating.

No push up power

If you’re looking for a support-enhancing bra but don’t need a lot of push up power, spacer bras may be the right choice for you. These bras are made with special materials that keep them opaque and breathable while adding to their support. Plus, these bras don’t add a lot of bulk.

The padding in spacer bras is made from multi-layered fabrics that allow for excellent air flow. They can also help reduce boob sweat. This feature makes them extremely comfortable and breathable. They can also offer good support and are perfect for women with full busts. They are available in band sizes ranging from 30 to 42.