what is a polar care cube

A Breg Polar Care Cube is an excellent way to get effective cold therapy for a variety of ailments. It features a five-quart cooler with a motorized pump that filters and pumps the water out of the unit to a pad attached to the body part that requires cold therapy. The pads are easily adjustable with velcro wraps to fit any part of the body. The device is designed for day and night use, and is perfect for use in hospitals or at home.


Breg Polar Care Cube

The Breg Polar Care Cube is a cold therapy system that offers clinical benefits and simplicity in use. Its compact design makes it ideal for home, clinic, and hospital use. Just fill the machine with ice and water, and it will deliver motorized cold therapy for up to eight hours.

The Breg Polar Care Cube is a motorized cold therapy device that uses ice and water to provide a soothing experience for your body. The device features a five-quart cooler and a motorized pump that pumps out the cold water through a pad attached to the cooler. The Polar Care Cube comes with a variety of wrap-on pads that are easy to attach and remove, which makes it easy to use. The unit is lightweight and easy to transport, and can be used day or night. A number of models are available, so you can find a solution that fits your needs. Some insurance companies cover the cost of a Breg Polar Care Cube if you qualify.


The Breg Polar Care Cube comes with various pads for specific body parts. There are wrap-on pads for the knee and shoulder, as well as WrapOn XL multi-use pads for the knee and other body parts. Each pad has its own elastic straps for a custom fit.

Breg Polar Care Kodiak

The Breg Polar Care Kodiak is a portable, motorized cold therapy system that is great for clinics and hospitals, but is also perfect for the home. This system features a compact design and can provide up to eight hours of motorized cold therapy. It is the most versatile cold therapy system on the market and is perfect for many applications. It also provides several benefits. Below are some of its features.

Breg’s Polar Care Kodiak is an ideal post-operative cold therapy device. It features cold and compression therapy and is ideal for patients who have undergone surgery like a knee replacement or ACL repair. Its high-quality design includes Intelli-Flo Multi-Use pads and constant, precise temperature levels, making it one of the most advanced cold therapy units available. This device also has an optional battery pack for added convenience.

The Breg Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy System is one of the most popular systems in the Breg line. This device is shaped like a cube and is portable, so you can use it anywhere. It has two temperature settings, one for the shoulder and one for the ankle. During the cold therapy, the temperature is controlled by a flow restrictor, which helps to keep the pads at a certain temperature for the joint.

Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System

The Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System is easy to use, reliable, and compact, making it a great option for both home and clinic use. It requires an initial fill of ice and water, and provides up to eight hours of motorized cold therapy. It is perfect for hospital or clinic use, and can be purchased separately for home use.

The Breg Polar Care Cube is a portable unit that uses a five-quart cooler to provide cold therapy. The unit has a motorized pump to circulate the cold water to a pad that wraps around the affected area. The system is lightweight, making it ideal for all-day and night use, making it the ideal choice for home and hospital use.

The Breg Polar Care Cube is available with a variety of pads that are specially designed to fit a specific body part. There are three main types of pads available: the WrapOn Shoulder Pad, the WrapOn Knee Pad, and the WrapOn XL Multi-Use pad. The pads are adjustable to fit a particular part of the body, making it a versatile solution for a range of pain and injury problems.

Breg Polar Care Cube Pad Options

The Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy Knee System is a simple and compact device that provides cold therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation. The device features a motorized system that circulates ice cold water through a pad to maintain a constant temperature. This system is also compatible with Breg WrapOn Pads for exceptional coverage and static compression.

To make sure that the pad fits properly, it is recommended to use an insulating barrier between the pad and skin. A terry cloth hand towel works well in this situation. Water-impermeable Sterile Polar Dressings are also an excellent choice because they provide a full barrier between the pad and the skin.

The Breg WrapOn Polar Pads are universally sized and can be worn for up to 8 hours. They have elastic straps for easy adjustment. The wrap-on design provides excellent coverage and comfort, and it is compatible with the Polar Care Cub and Glacier. It is also available in XL and Multi-use versions for larger users, those with multiple joints, and users who need extra support.