what is a mid handicap golfer

A midhandicapper is a golfer who scores in the 80s, or slightly higher, on a par 72 course. This means they are slightly above average, but still shoot a decent number of pars, birdies, and bogeys. The average golfer shoots 91, while a midhandicapper’s average score is about 80. Beginner golfers usually break the 90 mark fairly easily, but have a harder time breaking into the 70s.


Low handicappers tend to know where their misses will go

One thing that many low handicappers have in common is that they are aware of where their misses are going. The reason for this is that low handicappers tend to have less curve on their shots. They have better distance control, so they can stick it close and recover with an accurate chip. Another trait of low handicappers is that they are very good on the greens. They rarely make three-putts, and they often make one-putts.

A common mistake made by higher handicappers is not turning their shoulders in on the backswing. This can lead to them over-extending themselves on the downswing. Low handicappers, on the other hand, tend to turn their shoulders downward more on the backswing, which gives them more tilt and improves the quality of contact.


Higher mid-handicappers tend to shoot in the high 80s to mid-90s

Mid-handicappers are golfers who have advanced from the beginner level and are trying to improve their game. They typically shoot in the mid-80s and low-90s, and aim for consistency and reliability in their scores. The mid-handicapping category is relatively large, with nearly 40% of known golfers having mid-handicapping scores.

Higher mid-handicappers are in the top third of golfers in both sexes. However, it’s unlikely that they will have a professional career. Even though they are better than average, a mid-handicapper’s score is not good enough to qualify them for a professional tour.

Higher mid-handicappers tend to have decent game management skills and drive the ball well. They often reach par 4s in two or less and get out of the sand with little trouble. They also have decent long-range and approach putters. They lag their approach putts close enough to save many pars.

Importance of mental game for mid-handicappers

Mental game training is extremely important for golfers of any handicap. It involves developing a technique for focusing, controlling thoughts, and recognizing your level of arousal. Most teaching pros and sport psychologists advocate the practice of having a consistent pre-shot routine. Practicing this routine can help you achieve a consistent level of focus.