unimac dryer error codes

If your Unimac machine has started to malfunction, it may be displaying one or more error codes. These codes will tell you what the problem is, and can be used to diagnose it. The first step is to check the house vent. If that fails, check the lint trap. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the machine’s internal parts.


Check the house vent

If your dryer is emitting error codes, it’s possible you have a clogged house vent or dryer hose. To remove the error code, remove the blockage and try to turn the dryer on again. If this does not work, you can clean the entire venting system.

If the air flow in your home’s ventilation system is obstructed, your dryer will shut down. The higher the number, the more lint is clogging the vent. If your dryer has a D80 error code, it will shut down and prevent overheating. This is a major problem, as it’s one of the leading causes of house fires in the U.S.


Another possible cause for this error code is a clogged lint screen. If your house vent is clogged, it might have too many turns or crush the lint screen. If you see an AF error code, you should try cleaning the venting system and clearing the lint screen.

Check the lint trap

Lint traps should be cleaned after every load to keep them free of lint and other debris. You can also perform a deeper cleaning every six months or as needed. The process involves using a nylon brush and water or detergent to remove debris. It is also important to remove residue from fabric softeners. In addition to cleaning the lint trap, you should also clean the slot where the lint filter is located.