prototrak error codes

If you’re using Prototrak software to create your next 3D model, then you should be familiar with the most common error codes. These errors include Error 43, which indicates a Y axis servo fault. Depending on the machine model, other common error codes may also be present.


Error 43: Y axis servo fault

The Y axis began to run fast and is faulty. When the Y axis fails, the program will stop and jog the X axis. The problem is caused by an incorrect setting of the servo current control cycle. The next step is to physically swap the servos.

Diagnostics charting tool

The Diagnostics Charting Tool (DCT) is a software program that allows technicians to plot low-level input and output data. This is particularly useful when I/Os change rapidly or are difficult to measure. A simple example of how the tool can be used is the rigid tapping cycle. However, the DCT can be used for any scenario a technician may come across. This software comes with a guide to help them use it correctly.


File management

ProtoTRAK is a data management system that is both easy to use and very robust. The software uses a variety of innovative technologies to help keep your data and programs organized. The software’s centralized file management helps assure revision control, while efficient file sharing enables collaboration between different departments.

The latest version of the ProtoTrak computer module requires less free disk space than earlier versions. The latest software will create smaller files and leave less space in the disk. This can be a problem for early controls because many complex programmes will exceed disk space. This will cause a Windows message to appear on boot up.

CAD capability

In order to avoid these prototrak error codes, you must first understand what they mean. Then, you can correct them. For example, if you are using the CAM file, and the machine pauses at the wrong place, you must edit the CAM file manually and then re-run it.

The protoTRAK family of products has a unique programming system in which programs are grouped into events, codes, and blocks. The ProtoTRAK Edge software accepts RS274 CAD/CAM-generated programs and converts them into Edge event type programs. This way, you can change the geometry of the part without having to start over again.

During the program, you can also change the start and end points of the machining by pressing the corresponding buttons. These buttons are located on the ProtoTRAK Edge. The CAD capabilities of the machine will help you change the start point or end position as per the user’s specifications.